The Western Avenue And Vicinity Art Gallery

Chicago’s most vibrant art scene is not to be found in the galleries of River North or Wicker Park, but stretching along the city’s longest street, Western Avenue. The work in this spontaneous gallery is unpretentious and, for the most part, unheralded. Its functional purpose does nothing to diminish its creativity or its range, from isolated drawings to full-blown art environments. And though these pages include images from all over Chicago, many of them are from Western Avenue itself — the world’s most artistic street.

Auto Parts Art Gallery

Auto Parts Art Gallery

Wall Art: Jessica’s

Roadside Art: Jessica's Western Wear

Lawrence Ave.

Face detail, 3 Stars Auto Body sidewalk muffler man in November 2011. Lawrence Avenue near Sacramento, Chicago

Pretty Pulaski

The Art of
Lincoln Avenue

Sider Art

Railroad bridges over the Calumet River, with the Chicago Skyway in the background.

A Vernacular

Avenue Gems

Clark Street

Roadside art: Signs of Clark Street


Roadside art: Joliet


Roadside Art: Joliet

Pulaski Road

Roadside art: Pulaski Road

Kankakee & Waukegan

Roadside art: Kankakee and Waukegan

Soutsider Art

Roadside art: Good News Fried Dough

Devon Avenue

Roadside art: Arabic gyros, Western near Devon

Around the Loop

Roberto's on State Street

Suburban Splendor

Roadside Art: Women's liberation in Harvey, Illinois

Western Avenue

Roadside Art: Vernacular car engine sign

Clark Street

Roadside Art: Vernacular clothing sign


Roadside Art: Vernacular psychic sign


Roadside Art: Once Chicago's greatest vernacular sign

The 47th Street Show

Vernacular Futurama Beauty Academy sign

North Side Beauties

Roadside Art: Tank Noodles


Avenue Vernacular

Roadside Art: Ciales Carniceria

New Finds from the South Side

Roadside Art: Zebonys on 51st

New Finds

Roadside Art: Pepe's Mofles on Blue Island

The Montrose Strip

Magikist on the Kennedy


Vernacular architectural abstraction

Wall Art


Church Furniture 8K JPG