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This selection from around the city includes some of its finest roadside art

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E&T Discount Mufflers, at Foster and Cicero, once had the best sign in the city, not to mention a pretty cool muffler man sculpture. This ominous image is now painted over. Be sure to click through to see the muffler man and other signage. The same sad fate befell Samad on Broadway, where the sign looked like it could have been by the same artist. The cigar smoker is on Polk near Cicero. Complete Auto Service is at 5300 South on Cicero. The hailstone covers were on Harlem. The arrows and little hails are precious.

The wild battery charger is on the South Side. Graffiti art influence is evident but not overwhelming. Expert Truck Lettering is on Grand Avenue at Armour. The insurance office is far South on Kedzie. Humpin' to Please, former freight terminal for Camelback Movers, is on Cicero Avenue near the Stevenson Expressway in Cicero.

The mystifying association of Huck Finn with donuts and hamburgers is a longtime South Side favorite on Archer Avenue. Peggy's, once on California near Pershing Road, is gone, survived by the enigma of the sign's central shape. Not sure of the location of the Subs sign. Broadway Pizzeria and Grill is also no more, with its waiter presumably pained by being left black & white. Campesino was on Broadway near Balmoral. Happy Noodles is on Central near Belmont.

Plastic shop signs usually are blandly executed, if not mass-produced. But Grisel and Junior on Armitage Avenue features this nice, but enigmatic, pair. Fine Arts Studio is on Chicago near Ashland. Globo, at Broadway and Racine in the heart of Uptown, made do with the surface and imagery at hand. Bullis Lock, Addison at Milwaukee, makes a strong statement.

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