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It doesn't take centuries to make ruins picturesque. The speed with which modern ruins
are removed and replaced makes them a rarity, however.

Coral Court 8K JPG
The Coral Courts Motel on old Route 66 in St. Louis -- now demolished.
Motel ruins 6K JPG
Ruined motel, west of Vicksburg, Miss.
Prince Castle 12/38K JPG
Prince Castles were a late-50s, early-60s
fixture in Northern Illinois. Lots of the old
buildings, like this one in Dixon, Ill., still survive.

 Truck station 10K JPG
The former Holland Truck Station, Flora, Ill.

douts 5/16K JPG
Alas, where once donuts rolled on the road from Ashland City, Tenn., there now are do-uts pointing to a vacated strip mall now populated only by a doll museum.
Shaking stumps 14K JPG
Remains of the E.T. Wickham environment in northern Tennessee.
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