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Interestingideas.com is my project. It began as a photo-copied newsletter in 1989 and reached the world via the Web in 1994, a sobering example of the Internet’s transparency to marginal notions. It was a personal test bed for online publishing as well as an outlet for thoughts on vernacular art, oddball culture, politics and other random topics.

I write, edit, photograph and produce 99 percent of the site. Despite the presence of Google advertising, it is nearly 99 percent non-profit, though I’m open to other ideas. Recent pages are published on the WordPress platform. Older parts of the site still reside in the hard-coded html I started with back in ’94.

You can find out more about me and my professional life on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamswislow.

Briefly, I spent much of my career in journalism; migrated to digital publishing and, eventually, the business side of media; helped found the Cars.com Web site and spent many years leading its product organization and, later, technology as well.

Since I own almost all the creative work on the site, feel free to contact me about reuse. I’m also available for consulting engagements. You can reach me at bill@interestingideas.com.

Thanks for visiting,

Bill Swislow

8 thoughts on “About Interestingideas.com

  1. Hello Bill: We are working on another outsider art environment here in Madison that you could add to your list – the former home/studio of Sid Boyum. Sid created concrete sculptures in his back yard, as well as paintings, bas reliefs, drawings and photographs. Many of his sculptures have been placed in locations around his former neighborhood. The Friends of Sid Boyum are raising funds to purchase the house and its contents, with the goal of restoring the art and working with partners to present it to the public. We’d love a mention on your site! http://www.friendsofsidboyum.org


  2. garry says:

    this is amazing work!
    Do you know where all the limestone is stored. I know its been awhile.

  3. Joe says:

    There was once a photo of the wooden Patio Beef sign (at the old Cicero/Foster location) on your website; I cannot find it now. Any chance you could resurrect it? It was rectangular in shape and featured a painted hamburger and an arrow and the words, “Parking in rear”.

  4. Small world. I was just looking at that image. I orphaned the page a while ago, but restored the links for now. You can get there directly at https://www.interestingideas.com/roadside/gyros/patio.htm

  5. La Potter says:

    Big fan!

  6. Nancy says:

    Thanks great presentation today

    Nancy Kramer

  7. heidi trigg says:

    i’d been uninspired and depressed about ‘the world today’ and ‘the way things are’, until i stumbled across your pages-thank you for reminding me that ‘things, people, and the world’ are actually pretty cool; i just have to venture out periodically to encounter the good-uns :)

  8. Why thanks for your kind words. Every once in a while things are OK.

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