Interesting Ideas

The Idea Barn!
Gentiles in Paradise
The Dick Van Dyke Show

It's a pretty grim life, actually
Frank Capra unplugged

Big root beer roundup
It's no Pepsi challenge

Grog N Groc Hall of Fame
Great names, normal places

Rest easy, Ernie Bushmiller
Nancy lives again

The miracle pepper!
More amazing than a tortilla

Zsa Zsa 1990
A poem

The sweetest song

Squidward, the new Spock
Spongebob's emotional triad

Leave It To Beaver lies
The patheticness of nostalgia

Not just Don Knotts,
Tony Franciosa too

White Castle Corner
Buy 'em by the sack

Kings of the Road
Your guide to semitrailers

My hero

Cannon Fodder
Bad news for Barbie, worse for Ken

Salt & Pepper World
A gallery of fine S&Ps


Voice mail verbatim
The 80-year-old Cub fan
Apocalyptic culture

Ten Theses on Jack Chick
The tract master
Living the Skeptical Life

For the Democrats: Obstruct or Roll Over

Compound Ineptitude: Incompetence as Strategic Asset

Outside the company of men
I don't carry my weight: I hate sports
Better late....
Bad things happen to prompt people

The evil nice
They're a big nuisance

The Burglar Alarms of Dublin's Doors

I live in a fog

Another Vietnam?
Definitely another America

Four theses on current affairs


A beautiful cat split

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