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Call 1

Hello. I'm calling in regards to the uh TV, the Cubs ballgame. Why do they always show the ballplayer, the batter, so close. They show his head so close that you think he's going to come through the TV. When I'm watching the ballgame, I want to see the entire body of the man. Why should that body just, why should they just show his head. You can't even see his arms or anything. How he's going to swing the bat or nothing. Why should they show his head only all the time. That's so aggravating, and then the background is all blurry, you can't see nothing. That's not watching a ballgame. You want to see the entire body of the man when he's batting, not only his head.Thank you.

Call 2

Listen. I'm a, I'm an 80-year-old Cub fan, and I watch TV, I watch all the Cub games. And I'm, I can't understand why they show the batter when he comes, when he comes to the plate they they show his head only, or his shoulders. I want to see the entire body of the player, then I know I'm watching a ballgame. I want to see the whole body. Why do they always show half of the ballplayer all the time, half a man all the time. And then another thing too, why do they show have that camera showing the back side of the batters, and the, and the, and they're showing the umpire's rear-end all the time from behind, from behind the screen. Show us the regular one from the out, from the center field. Who wants to see the back side of the umpire all the time? And the, and the, and the pitch coming in from the pitcher. You can't even see where the ball is coming, where the ball is landing. Thank you.

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