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16K Curly Fries are Good JPG
Ad for fair food on a trailer at Arcola, Ill.'s Raggedy Ann Days.

5K Elephant ears JPG
6K Corn Dogs JPG
More fair food at the awesome Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.

Krispy Kreme 7K/29K JPG
Krispy Kreme are THE doughnut of the south, and
a far superior species than Dunkin' Donuts. A light comes on outside when there is a fresh warm batch available.
Foot-long 5K/13K JPG
Highway 98, Florida.

3K/13K JPG of ride
Interesting art is on the run at carnivals, but this kiddie ride at the Indiana State Fair boasted some excellent imagery.

Billy Burgers 5K/15K JPG
Wilbur, Wash.
slush sign 5K/9K  JPG
It's nice to see hand-painted signs, like this one in Wauchula, Fla., that don't reflect graffitti art's hegemony.

Refreshments 12/26K JPG
At the Walworth County Fair in Elkhorn, Wis.

Roadside Art: Fried Dough in Bridgeport
The bad news is, the good news, formerly at 31st Street and the Dan Ryan, is gone.
For a while, though, the proprietors of the former Jimmy's were so excited by fried dough that they plastered these signs
all over their corner property up the Dan Ryan from Comiskey Park.

More Fine Fair Food

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