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47th Street
These are mostly new shots from one of Chicago's great signage thoroughfares.
A few are older, and gone now -- the standard fate of roadside art.

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The old-fashioned style of the Joyeria cartoon is a refreshing contrast to so much graffiti-influenced city art. I love the bumpout for the tire at B&B. Between the glamour portrait and the name, what's not to like at Futurama? At Letty's the sign has been 86ed, which is why it lives on only in this low-quality image.

The dimensional washer and dryer are cool enough; the magnetic arch makes Quick Wash IV a classic. Similarly, the babe alone makes Ochoa's a keeper even without the 8-ball O. Just some nice lettering at Baroman. The gyros sign at 47th and Western was one of the first I ever shot. Long gone now. Andy's Fast Food is also gone, but we have the signs and the lovely thumbs up for at least a little while longer.

Auto parts seem to bring out the best in sign painters, inspiring loving depictions of mechanical details. Cool Heat is no exception.

The primary artist at Illinois Starter, 47th and Western Avenue, takes a more schematic approach to auto parts, going for drama over detail. The red accents are a great touch, both burst and geometric. Clearly a different artist handled the two naturalistic starters in the middle

This Moo and Oink sign is there no more. Grundig, besides being just a great word, is a wonderful case of typographic contextualism.

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