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North Side Beauties: Vernacular art is everywhere, but not for long

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The A.J. pool hall on Bryn Mawr is soon to disappear, like most vernacular signs. Doillar Target Plus is, I believe, gone already. Walker Muffler and Pipes, near Ridge and Wayne, is gone.
A.J. Pool Parlor, Chicago A.J. Pool Parlor, Chicago
Lovingly rendered auto parts, Clark near Devon.

Beauty parlors provide endless opportunity for creativity. Smitty's, on Clark near Bryn Mawr, has relocated. The nicely structured art for A Step Above is on Howard at Ridge.

Salonique, on Touhy at Ridge, has changed names and signs. The delicate Nail World hands are on Montrose near California.

My Hoa and Tank Noodles are on Argyle near Broadway. The Tank Noodles theme speaks for itself.

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