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Here are some spectacular examples of Chicago's great roadside vernacular art,
so great they forced their way out of an image backload that is running into the hundreds.

Roadside Art: Recordtrack on Western
This fabulous example of wall art on Western avenue near 63rd Street
was once the site of another great mural ad, for the Razzmatazz Hall.

Roadside Art: Pepe's Mofles on Blue Island
Blue Island Avenue near Western.

Roadside Art: Romantic Club on Pulaski
Pulaski near 48th Street. Check out the mosaic sign.

Roadside Art: Royal Loan Bank on Clark near Congress Roadside Art: La Dre's in Sauk Village
Some happy desperation on Clark Street near Congress. Heroic beauty on Torrence in Sauk Village.

Roadside Art: Charm Cleaners, 162nd near Cottage Grove Roadside Art: Bullis Lock, Addison at Milwaukee Roadside Art: Nevada Radiator, Las Vegas
162nd near Cottage Grove, South Holland. Addison at Milwaukee. Main Street, Las Vegas (honorary)

Roadside Art: United Social, Montrose Roadside Art: Humpin' to Please, Cicero
Montrose Avenue. Cicero near the Stevenson.

Roadside Art: Looking Good, Kedzie near 63rd Roadside Art: Tenoria Tires, Western near 35th
Kedzie near 63rd Street. Western Avenue near 35th.

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