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Like most ethnic neighborhoods, Chicago's Pilsen on the near Southwest Side
shows a still-lively vernacular tradition in its commercial art.

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Norma's Unisex and its dramatic colors, Luis y Raul (now Luis & Marcos) and Juan's are all on 18th Street.

Psiquica and the oddly matching Clinica Pilsen are on 18th Street along with La Brocha Gorda. Socio's is on Racine. The ultra-cool Love Fashion is on 18th.

Mike's Tire Shop and El Navegante with its chaotic representations of merchandise are on Racine.

The farm animals were near the Mexican Fine Arts Center. This is an exceptionally good example of the kind of sign common to Mexican corner groceries in Chicago. The not-quite-iconic WIC family fits quite nicely with the leering pig and meat-eating shark at Soto's, on 18th Street near Ashland Avenue. Pepito's brings a well-executed cartoon to Blue Island Avenue. Yoyo's Liquors brings hand power to 18th Street.

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