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Clark Street boasts a fine variety of verncacular commerical signs
along its northern reaches

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Mary's Unisex and its precision art work was near Lawrence. The cleaners and really hip dancers were near Lunt.

Tes's Bar B Que House had its highly minimal visual presence at Greenleaf.A&H's well-executed baby is on Lunt. This Washing Well location, with its emblematic sign and a punning name worthy of a hair salon, is near Greenleaf. Brown Bear Shops were at Highland. Toto's graphics, near Wilson, are to the point.

This triple threat is near Montrose. The first sign neatly sums up the way of all flesh, in soft focus. Frutas Frescas seems highly orderly, while Pete's chair is lovingly rendered, which is what one hopes for in commercial signs.

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