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Montrose Strip

Magikist on the Kennedy
The Magikist lips once graced all three expressway
entries to Chicago. Now only one set is left
to promote the late carpet cleaning company,
on the Kennedy near Montrose.

Elmos on Montrose

Jan Dee on Montrose Hand Car Wash on Montrose
Jan Dee's representation is ultra classy in its simplicity,
while the Hand Car Wash sign is a nearly perfect example
of what homemade typography can accomplish.

Hapkido on Montrose
The Oakwood on Montrose

King of Tile, Montrose location

Hermana Sofia, on Montrose

If all martial arts and fortune telling signs were like the two above,
Chicago's urban symbology would be almost unbearably rich.

Golfos on Montrose
Golfo's boasts one of the city's most elegant gyros signs.

Restaurant Gara on Montrose
Another marvelously simply sign, especially when viewed in position.

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