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Roadside Art: Arcade Eastown Bowling
Arcade Eastown Bowling, London, Ontario
Roadside Art: Big dump truck
Traf-O-Teria, Monroe, Wisconsin
Roadside Art: Matterhorn Ride
Like everything else, carnivals have lost much of their vernacular funkiness in favor of mass production efficiency. But every once in a while you can still stumble across some appealing fairground art.
Roadside Art: Dairy Lodge
The Dairy Lodge, Traverse City, Michigan.
Roadside Art: Master Bait & Tackle
Master Bait & Tackle, Naples, Florida: Yes, the name is all too obvious, but the signage and building are right in the mainstream of Prosaic Art.

Roadside Art: Ernesto's
Ernesto's, Mission Street, San Francisco.
Roadside Art: Great Mission Hair Salon
Monumentalism on Mission Street.
Roadside Art: Hollywood Hair Design
Hollywood Hair Design, Mission Street, completing a trio of great hair cutteries.

Roadside Art: Luck Pork, Misson
A great name and a great sign, Mission Street.

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