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Big dump truck 11K/15K JPG
Saints and Sinners, Espanola, NM
(photo courtesy Kat Schilke)
Reamstown Athletic Association
Reamstown, Pa. Well, this is from 1984, and if they don't know by now, don't tell them.
Shula's 31 6K/32K JPG
U.S. 31, Niles, Mich. Shula's is an atmospheric holdout on a Niles, Mich., commercial strip that clearly was once spectacular but is increasingly undermined by noveau blandness. The bottom image on the clickthrough is a mosaic on the side of the building. The perspective and use of neon on the bowling lane is pretty unusual.
Here It Is
The famous Jackrabbit Trading Post, Old U.S. 66, Joseph City, Az. The Jackrabbit Trading Post is a pretty well-known Rt. 66 landmark. Like most great tourist traps, the sign, one of a series along the highway in Arizona, is a lot more interesting than the place. That's my better half making a point.
Get Right
U.S. 25E, Lily, Ky. You still see these all over the south, in various media. This one, in Middlesboro, Ky., is concrete and freshly painted. Ellen Siler Jamison, from the area, says the sign is old but is kept in good repair by persons unknown. (A bit more roadside religion.)
Chicken 5/16K JPG
The big chicken guards the Shadey Lawn Truck Stop in Elkton, Tenn., perhaps from the strip joint nearby. It's classic roadside silliness.

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