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Coco Joe's 7K/23K JPG
Coco Joe's
Motel 40 9/23K JPG
A little bit of classic Americana on the National Road in Columbus, Ohio

It's worth clicking through to a closer look at the photographer in this atmospheric neon-enhanced sign from central Utah.

Master Muffler
This happy muffler man in ultra-wholesome Salt Lake City stands in sharp contrast to Chicago's alien creature at E&T Mufflers.

Big dump truck 11K/15K JPG
Brown Inc., near Indiana Dunes

Vacation Motor Hotel 7K/30K JPG
I thought this sign, a little north of Clarksville near the Fort Campbell army base, was a repurposed Holiday Inn sign. However, I've been set straight by the son of the owner: "The sign is orginal. It was designed to look like a Holiday Inn sign, but never was. The design was different so they could not be sued by HI. My dad still operates this hotel he built in the '50s. Located on U.S. 41, it was once top shelf, with a fine restaurant, and all of the extras."

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