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The cards on this page go beyond the usual road-and-lawn approach to really set the motor court in its landscape. The Motel Marylander also includes a refreshing dose of realism, with not a retouch in sight, while the La Fonda locates an artist's conception in a finely abstracted landscape. The Richmond Auto Court applies a classic paint-over-photo technique, with the Shorecrest representing a middle ground, and Smith Crossroads, one suspects, a budgetary one.
vintage motel postcard
Smith Crossroads, Lenoir, NC
vintage motel postcard
Motel Marylander, U.S. 40, Baltimore
vintage motel postcard
Shorecrest Auto Court, Rt. 6, Duluth, MN
vintage motel postcard
Richmond Auto Court, U.S. 1, near Richmond, VA
vintage motel postcard
La Fonda Motel, Rt. 54, Liberal, KS

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