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Was it budget or honesty that left these cards unembellished? No painting or tinting, just the bare-bones photographic truth -- more a matter-of-fact record of where you've been than an inducement to visit.
vintage motel postcard
Shady Pines Cabins, Spearfish, S.D.
vintage motel postcard
Ever-Rest Motel, Chillicothe, Mo.
vintage motel postcard
Anton's Court, Ewing, Va.
vintage motel postcard
The Bowery Cabins, Big Star Lake
vintage motel postcard
Crigler's Auto Court, near Newport News, Va.
vintage motel postcard
Driftwood, Motel, Idaho Falls, Idaho
vintage motel postcard
Colonial Motor Court, Panguitch, Utah
vintage motel postcard
Colonial Motel, Panguitch, Utah
Owen and Delsa Walton didn't go in for fancy imagery, but they did keep up with the times. In the right-hand card, the old cabins can be seen in back of the newer motel.

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