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Colorado and Wisconsin

Walden, Colo. 8/44K JPG
Welcome to Walden, Colo.

Walden, Colo. 10/24K JPG
Walden's coolest asset.

Kirk's 26K
Eagle River, Wis.

Mini golf 9K JPG
This mini-golf in Grand Lake, Colo., is a Popular Mechanics paradise with its ingenious homemade mechanicals. It puts the Fiberglas super mini-golfs of today to shame.

Moose Stop Chris Kovin 13/38K JPG
Also on Grand Lake's main drag.

Copper Kettle 12/26K JPG
Whatta stack.

Badger Country 28K JPG
Badger Country, Highway 41 near Shawano, Wis. Click for more.

Even more vistas: The Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

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