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Mr. C's 19K JPG
Enter the incredible world of Mr. C's, Omaha's finest dining extravaganza.

Photo by Gerry Swislow 7/34K JPG
This optical illusion is across the street from MIT and near the Necco candy factory in Cambridge, Mass.

U Pump It 6/17K
Between Estes Park and Boulder, Colo.

Photo by Chris Kovin 22/37K JPG
Weenie Beenie, a beautiful little doggery in Shirlington, Va., is a Groc N Groc Hall of Fame nominee from Chris Kovin.

Day And Night 9/22K JPG
Years ago I ate a couple of times at the Day And Night diner on U.S. 20 in Palmer, Mass. U.S. 20 was lined with diners, and the Day and Night was one that John Baeder painted for his Diners book, though it was dropped from the second edition.

Photo by A. Higbie 13/39K JPG
An atmospheric New England restaurant, updated with a fax.

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