A Single Game of Thrones Grievance

Please forgive this one comment on the Game of Throne finale: The chuckles of the lords and ladies over Samwell Tarley’s plea for a democratic resolution nicely encapsulated the show’s most consistent weakness. Far worse than the final season’s many notorious failings was the show’s lack of interest over its entire run in the lives […]

Review — Outliers and American Vanguard Art

Outliers and American Vanguard Art

Outliers and American Vanguard Art, by Lynne Cooke. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 412 pages, 450 color plates, 2018. ISBN: 978-0226522272. Hardcover, $65 Outliers and American Vanguard Art, filling several rooms at the National Gallery of Art, is a dauntingly large-scale show. And at five pounds, 412 pages, 450-plus illustrations and a 10 x12 form factor, […]

Some Really OK New Wacky Store Names

Another batch of the strange, the bizarre, the inexplicable wacky store names of the world. As someone pathologically prone to understatement, I’m especially fond of business names that don’t try too hard. Do eat some OK paella before buying a simply basic but typical gift. Do Eat Korean Barbecue, Chicago Favorable Chicken-Kebabs-Ribs, London: Photo by […]

Vintage Vinyl For Sale

Records For Sale

I’m selling many vintage vinyl LPs at my neighborhood’s community yard sale Saturday, Sept. 8, 9-4. Plus vintage furniture, art objects, collectibles, household items, vintage textiles and more. Of course, any reasonable offer will be considered. Here are the LPs that will be on sale: