If you take a wrong turn on your way to the Loretta Lynn Ranch tourist attraction in central Tennessee, you might run across E.T. Wickham's remarkable statues and memorials that line a back road near Palmyra, south of Clarksville. They have been pulverized by vandals in the decades since he built them in the '50s, but their beauty is undiminished. If anything, ruin has added its own kind of eloquence.

As you navigate, most of the smaller pictures can be clicked to a larger image.

3K JPG of angel
The cemetery
2K JPG of arch
The grove
3K JPG of bull
The animals
3K JPG of statues
The statues
9K JPG of roadside
The roadside

The way it was

Photos from the 2001 Clarksville, TN, show

A selection of Clark Thomas' photos from the catalog, and some that weren't in it (caution: large files)


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