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The Walls of Pasaquan

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St. Eom drawing St. Eom drawing
St. Eom's Pasquan art environment Help Preserve This Environment
Join the Pasaquan Preservation Society, which is doing important work maintaining the site and gaining it public exposure. For information, call 229-649-9444 or write:
        The Pasaquan Preservation Society
        328 Eddie Martin Rd.
        Buena Vista, GA 31803

That Eddie Owens Martin, creator of this fabulous environment near Buena Vista, Ga., was a crackpot is hard to deny. A fortune-telling ex-street-hustler, he created a personal religion that enshrined himself as a saint and his family farm as a holy place. Yet the strength of his vision is so great as to make his spirituality not only palpable in bricks and paint, but even credible. The details of that implausibly compelling spirituality, as well as Martin's unruly life history, are more than can be described here. (For that, read "St. Eom in the Land of Pasaquan" by Tom Patterson, The Jargon Society, 1987). But here's a taste of the force of St. Eom's weirdness, mostly from the walls and fences that he weaved through his world.

St. Eom Pasaquan face St. Eom Pasaquan face St. Eom Pasaquan face

You also can link to the official
St. Eom web site and get directions.
St. Eom drawing St. Eom's Pasquan art environment St. Eom drawing

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