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New York, 1981

I shot these after getting my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super with the 40mm lens. The first group is from Coney Island.
Even then, the wax museum was just barely hanging on from better days. The figures seemed to be accumulated rather than collected.
Many had serious skin disorders. Others, like the children, were inexplicable. Just as inexplicably, the bathtub scene was purported to represent Richard Speck.
I believe the bar was the Blarney Stone underneath my apartment on 23rd Street. The shots along the bottom were part of a J-School assignment to photograph strangers.
I never did get the hang of it.

coney2 nathans waxentrance waxkids
waxspeck coneyfigure topstores2 topstores1
wethinksmall salad blarney romapizza
yoyos news1 streetpair1 streetpair2

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