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Is it any surprise that so much of America's great art can be seen from the window of a passing car, in the melange of shop signs, billboards and cheesy buildings, in the personal monuments people make in their gardens and empty lots, on the makeshift, lean-to margins where artistic preconceptions and ambitions don't exist?

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Roadside Art: Jacksonville
John Margolies,
Roadside America

Roadside Art Book Review: John Margolies, Roadside America
Architectural Miniatures
Roadside art: Vintage Architectural Miniatures from Matchbooks
Clark Street
Roadside art: Signs of Clark Street
Tiny Design
Roadside art: Matchbook Design
Downstate Beauties
Roadside art: Beauties from Downstate Illinois
Downtown Deco
Roadside art: Lower Manhattan Art Deco
Red City San Diego
Roadside art: Red City San Diego
Birmingham, Alabama
Roadside art: Motel Matches
Vintage Matchbooks
Roadside art: Motel Matches
100 Best Signs
Roadside art: 100 Favorite Roadside Signs
Little Grills
Roadside art: Diner art from matchbook covers

County Fairs
Roadside art: County Fairs
New York City, 1981
Roadside art: County Fairs
Tour the Western Avenue and Vicinity Gallery
Strong stuff 11K JPGBeauty, Mr. Bulb 8K JPG
The Lake
Lakefront carving: Bathing Beauty
The Mansards
The Mansard
The Angels
Carved angels of Trinity Church
The Gyros Project
Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF Gryos Sampler - 48K Animated GIF

Visit environments
Tour of environment 9K JPG

See the signs
Please Mr. Balch

Fill up on junk
Elephant ears 5K JPG

Explore ruins
6K JPG of motel ruins

View vistas large and small
Mean and Lean 5K JPG

Wade Reid Motel

The Grog N Groc Hall of Fame
Store names can be roadside literature in the same way that their signs can be roadside art. Here's a collection of qualifying entries.

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