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The Outsider Art Pages
Featuring: Vivian Maier: A Framing Narrative

Vivian Maier: A Framing NarrativeThe art of popular crafts | Howard Finster’s garden | Environments | Metal work mastery | Stan Szwarc galleries | Chicago’s lakefront gallery | Sock monkeys | Jim Sudduth | Folk art in the city | 40,000 Murphy | Bottle-cap art | The Bottle Cap Inn | Prison art | Florida folk | Fabulous furniture | What is outsider art? | Ominous needlepoint | Anonymous portrait gallery | Reviews

40,000 Murphy photo collageThe Outsider Art of Popular CraftsChicago Lakefront stone carving outsider artBottle cap artPrison artSock Monkey ExperienceStanley Szwarc metal work galleriesHoward Finster painting

Roadside Art Online
Featuring: A Vernacular Spectacular

Roadside Art: A Vernacular Spectacular: Chicago Painted Pizza ParlorIt’s a gallery out there: Vernacular art from the roadside
The Western Avenue Art Gallery: Chicago’s best signs | Revenge of the mansards | Grog N Groc Hall of Fame: Strange store names | Classic signs | Roadside ruins | The Gyros Project: Art on every corner | Eccentric environments | Junk food | Various roadside vistas | Postcard motels | 100 Best Signs from Roadside Art Online | Little Grills | Lodging | Vintage Matchbooks
Gyros ProjectRoadside business namesRoadside Art: Vintage MotelsRoadside Art: Western Avenue Art GalleryRoadside Art: Matchbook dinersRoadside Art: Birmingham, Alabama

The Idea Barn
Featuring: “Sukiyaki”: The Sweetest Song Ever?

Japan's "Sukiyaki song" stampAlso: Their crackpot ideas, and mine
Magical Mediocrity: Harry Potter and the Secret of Hogwarts | Compound Ineptitude: Incompetence as a Strategic Asset | The evil nice | I live in a fog | Iraq, Korea and the Democratic wimps | Why life is better now | I hate sports | The Dick Van Dyke Show: Gentiles in Paradise | Frank Capra: It’s a pretty grim life, actually | Leave It To Beaver lies | Jack Chick, tractmaster | The miracle pepper! | Street Apocalypse | Bad things happen to prompt people | Bad news for Barbie | We’re all saps in cyberspace | Spam fans are the best fans in the world | The snake in Google’s walled garden
And: Culture from the margin
Squidward, the new Spock | Don Knotts, genius (and Tony Franciosa, too) | Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy: The greatest comic strip ever | My hero Bert | Sammy Davis | Root beer roundup | White Castle Corner | Your guide to semitrailers | Notes from Paris | Lackadaisical links | Charming Eyesores: The Georgian Burglar Alarms of Dublin’s Doors