The Outsider Art Pages: Folk and Outsider Art

Book Reviews
Ruth Norman, aka Uriel, the Unarius Society

Jim Shaw

Outsider Art: Visionary Worlds and Trauma

Visionary Worlds

As Essential As Dreams

Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet

From Art Brut to Art Without Boundaries

Art Without Boundaries

Ray Yoshida

Outsider Art Environments
Emory Blagdon

Emory Blagdon

Margaret's Grocery

Margaret’s Grocery



Vernacular Art Cars

Vernacular Art Cars

Bottle Cap Inn

Bottle Cap Inn

Souls Grown Deep

Souls Grown Deep

St. Eom

St. Eom

Howard Finster

Howard Finster

W.C. Rice Cross Garden

Cross garden

E.T. Wickham

E.T. Wickham

Fred Smith's Concrete Park


The Forevertron


Clarence and Grace Woolsey bottle-cap "rabbit"

The Woolseys

Stainless visions

Stainless Visions

40,000 Murphy’s wild, erotic world

40,000 Murphy’s
Wild, Erotic World

Lakefront carvings

Lakefront Carvings

Joe Markevicius

Joe Markevicius

1970s fashion

1970s Fashion

Trinity Carvings

Trinity Carvings



Bottle-cap art

Bottle-cap Art

Apocalyptic history/ Anathemic culture


Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier

Soap chairs and other prison art

Soap Chairs and
Other Prison Art

Harvey Ford

Popular Crafts

Popular Crafts

Jim Sudduth’s unyielding popularity

Jim Sudduth’s
Unyielding Popularity

No Disney Here: 4 Florida Artists

No Disney Here:
4 Florida Artists

Folk art in the city

Folk Art
in the City

Sock monkey experience

Sock Monkey

Ominous needlepoint


cran2sAnonymous Portrait GalleryAnonymous Portrait GalleryAnonymous Portrait GalleryAnonymous Portrait GalleryThe Anonymous Portrait Gallery
The Anonymous Portrait Gallery

What is Outsider Art?

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