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 “Great and Mighty Things”: Outsider Art from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection
Great And Mighty


Accidental Genius
Shaved Ice and Wild Buses: Street Art in Suriname
Shaved Ice

South Africa
African Signs
African Signs
Friedrich Schroder-Sonnenstern book review

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Outsider Art Environments
Emory Blagdon\'s Healing Machines
Emory Blagdon
Nick Engelbert's Grandview folk art environment in Wisconsin
Roadside art: 3 Vernacular Art Cars
Vernacular Art Cars
Joe's Bottle Cap Inn
Bottle Cap Inn
St. Eom's Pasaquan
Wickham statues
E.T. Wickham
The Roadside Genius State 40K JPG
W.C. Rice Cross Garden
Cross Garden
Margaret's Grocery


Stanley's visions
in stainless
4K Roy Rogers JPG
The wild, erotic
world of 40,000 Murphy
Apocalyptic history/
Anathemic culture
Lakefront carving: Bathing Beauty
Lakefront carvings
Carved angels of Trinity Church
Angels of Trinity
Nancy 2K JPG
The return of Nancy
Bottle-cap figures 4K JPG
Bottle-cap art
1970s Fashion drawings
1970s Fashion

Handmade Bert face pillow
The Art of Popular Crafts
Sudduth picture 9K JPG
The unyielding
of Jim Sudduth
Chair 2K JPG
Soap chairs
and other art
from prison
Ruby's melons 4K JPG
No Disney here:
4 Florida folk artists
Iconic gyros 1K JPG
Folk art in the city

Finster's Garden

The sock monkey
Disturbing needlepoint.

Book Reviews
1970s Fashion drawings
Mary Nohl
Book Review: Martin Ramirez: The Last Works
Martin Ramirez
Book Review: Painting a Hidden Life: The Art of Bill Traylor
Bill Traylor
Book Review: Follies of Europe
Follies of Europe
Book Review: Collecting Madness
Collecting Madness
Book Review: The Air Loom
Air Loom
Sublime Spaces & Visionary Worlds review
Sublime Spaces
Colorful Apocalyse book cover
Colorful Apocalypse

Portrait by Crandal Portrait by Crandal Portrait by Crandal Portrait by Crandal Portrait by Crandal Portrait by Crandal
The Anonymous Portrait Gallery

What is outsider art?
Ready for Tennis painting

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