Outside the Lines: Ordinary Pastimes, Extraordinary Art
at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, Chicago

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hxmasornaments3 ibeadedbaskets1 ihookedrug1 jhamcan kchairshelf1
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nbutlers3 nbutlers4 nfelt1 ocapart1 ojeans1
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pchairs1 pchairs2 pdoll1 probots1 ptinlady1
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ptinlady2 ptinlady3 pvases pvases2 pvases3
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qbottlecap1 qjeans1 qjeans2 qjeans3 qneedlepoint1
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Outside the Lines: Ordinary Pastimes, Extraordinary Art was curated by Cheri Eisenberg and Bill Swislow. It runs through August 28, 2004 at Intuit, 756 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago.

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