Short Review: Yokai Museum (Supernatural Beings of Japan)

Yokai Museum: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from Yumoto Koichi Collection is a compendium of Japanese demons and ghosts as visualized over 300 or so years up through the mid-20th Century.

That cut-off period is important to those of us who love Japanese science fiction, especially the crazy monsters spawned by shows like Ultraman and made into some of the weirdest toys ever. The resonance of these Yokai with Pokeman is also strong, if not stronger.

Although this book doesn’t get into those topics, and it seems not written for a U.S. audience, just looking at the pictures will fascinate anyone with an interest in Kaiju or weird creature cards, or even just in ghost stories. The underlying collection seems most impressive, and it definitely offers an unusual view of traditional Japanese art.

Thanks to chimplykaiju on Flickr for posting some excellent Ultraman images:

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