3 thoughts on “Scenes From A Bottle Cap Inn

  1. WONDROUS!! someone else really liked Bottle Caps…..amazing.
    in the early 1950’s as a lad of 8 or 9 i had a connection with our family in philadelphia area…we lived in boston.
    my uncle owned a lumber yard and had several soda machines with some ‘exotic’ brands….i asked (!..begged) for him to send me the bottle caps.
    one day a package arrived…a wooden box about 12″ long, 6″ deep, and about 10″ wide…FILLED with Bottle Caps!
    Heaven!!…wore them….i knew the secret to removing the cork and then using it to attach the cap….traded them…displayed them….
    what a simple time…what a life…America in the 50’s….TY for this…best wishes, barry

  2. Pat Dixon says:

    Lived in Miami in the mid-70’s both my boyfriend and I would go out there and enjoy an evening. Later, a different man that became my husband, we would go to the Bottle Cap for the night. Great pizza.

  3. Betty Robertson says:

    I have two of the postcards numbers 181a and. 186a.

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