Crazy Store Names: D-G

The roadside is littered with ordinary places bearing odd names, sometimes very odd. Here some of the best head scratchers, many contributed by public-spirited readers of Interesting Ideas. You too can nominate a name for the Grog & Groc Hall of Fame.

Donut Doctor, Lawrence Avenue at Kimball, Chicago. Gone

Donut Prince, Burbank, California


Felix & Oscar's, Westlake, Ohio

Flunch, Paris

The Food Hive, Second Avenue, New York

Funky Nails, Newark, New Jersey


Gas-A-Roo, Calumet Avenue, Hammond

Gleaming Barkus,  El Camino Real, San Mateo, California


Dairy Cheer, home
  of the smashburger
The Dam Store
Dan’s Not Calm
The Dead Cow
Deb-Mar Inc.
Decency Motors
Delvin Turnipseed
The Dew Drop Lounge
Disco Methodist
  Protestant Church
Dons Humburgers
Donut Doctor
Donut Prince
Doolittle and Dalley
  estate agents
Drug Castle
The Duke of Oil
Eat It And Beat It
Ett-Mar Motel
The Famous Taco Burrito
Fat Boys Pork Palace
Faver-Dykes State Park
Felix & Oscar’s
Fire Trol
Flub A Dub Chub’s
  hot dogs
Fluke Transport &
Flunch Restaurant
Food Topic
For Pet’s Sake
The Food Hive
The Four Finger
  Fireworks Stand
  Italian Restaurant
Fractured Prune
  Donut Shop
Frank’s No-tel
Franks A Lot
Freindly Liqour (sic)
Friendly Fire Place
The Frigid
  Fluid Company
Funky Nails
Funny Cry Happy Gift
  Beauty Academy
Gas and Grub
Gas It
Gay Bar & Grill
Git-Yo Chicken
  Fish and Burger
Gleaming Barkus
Gleed Feed & Seed
Go To Blases Lounge
Gobs of Hobs,
  The Hobby Store
God Bless Tires
Godlove’s Liquors
Grease Pit (oil change)
Great Ball
  Chinese Restaurant
The Ground Cow

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