Bizarre Bazaars: Locations and Thanks

Bizarre Bazaars Store Name BookThanks to the readers of Interesting Ideas who reported some of the weirdest store names on earth. You too can nominate a name for the Grog & Groc Hall of Fame. Or, buy a souvenir book that collects the best of them here.

    1. 666 Lounge, Chicago
    2. A Happy Store, Haltom City, TX: Bart (I thought the sign was just a slogan until I wrote a check and asked how to make the payee, when the clerk slowly said ” A…. Happy… Store.”)
    3. A Lee Inn, Mammoth Lakes, CA:
    4. A to Z & Things, World’s 1 Superstore, Chicago, IL
    5. A&K Lick-A-Chick, Nova Scotia (guest photo)
    6. A-Ford-O Motel, Atlantic, IA: Staci Wendt
    7. A-Furniture Store
    8. Above Average Autos, Whitefield, NH
    9. About Liquors
    10. Addictions To Go, Waldorf, MD: Loel Barr
    11. Adequate (women’s clothing), Bayeux, France
    12. Adequate Electric Co., Chicago, IL
    13. AH WA GA barbershop, Owego, NY: Anne Weitze
    14. Ain’t Bad Food, Spooner, WI: jb
    15. Airline Collision Center, Houston, TX
    16. Al-O-Wishes Flowers, Chicago, IL
    17. Al’s Fun in the Bun, Chicago, IL
    18. Albert’s Mofongo House, New York, NY
    19. Alkie’s Liquor Store, Massena, NY:
    20. Amigone Funeral Home, Buffalo, NY: George Olson
    21. Amisha Boutique, Chicago, IL
    22. Analtech, Newark, DE: SLH
    23. The Angry Chair hair salon, Newington, Connecticut
    24. Ards Cricket Ranch bait shop, Pensacola, FL: Howard
    25. Armegeddon Carpet Cleaners, Brooklyn, NY: Steve Garcia
    26. As the Wheel Turns, San Antonio, TX: Bonnie G.
    27. Ash Wipes Chimney Sweeps, Vernon Hills, IL: Sarah Renz
    28. Äss Bar, Switzerland, Brian Neale
    29. Atlasta Motel, Booneville, MO: Don Biggs
    30. Ave’s Taxidermy and Cheese, River Falls, WI: Sheryl Kostich
    31. B & M Waste Management, Manitowoc, WI: Julie
    32. B Square Salon, Chicago, IL
    33. B-Back Again
    34. Babies and Brats, Pawling, NY: Joe Lieber
    35. Bad Design, Switzerland, Brian Neale
    36. Bark Side of the Moon, Chicago, IL
    37. Barrel O’ Fun
    38. Basic Mortgage Co.
    39. Bates Motel, Coeur d’Alene, ID
    40. Bathe Electric
    41. Bearable Dentistry
    42. Beaver Cleaners: Meredith Whitt
    43. Beaver Liquors, Beaver Creek, CO: Mark Williams
    44. Beds & Such, Columbia, SC
    45. Beecher Meats, Beecher, IL: Renee
    46. Beecher Tool and Dye, Evanston, IL: Renee
    47. Beef People, Galesburg, IL: Russ Duckworth
    48. Beef-A-Roo, Rockford, IL
    49. Beefway Subs, Chicago, IL
    50. Beepers and Human Hair, West Miami, FL: FCPubl
    51. Beer World, Cambridge, MD: Leigh Panlilio
    52. Belly Acres RV Park, Ajo, AZ: Tom Taylor
    53. Bender Chiropractic
    54. Best Way Inn Motel, Carbondale, IL: Karl Lawrence
    55. Big Bone Lick State Park, Kentucky: Jamie Bloom
    56. Big Boy’s Steel Erection, St. Louis, MO: D. Snow
    57. Big Buns and Pita
    58. Big Dick’s Halfway Inn, Gravois Mills, MO: T.P. Shearer
    59. Big O Tire, Western U.S.
    60. Big Wiener Hot Dogs
    61. Big Willard Café,
    62. Big Wong, Washington, DC: Leigh Panlilio
    63. Billy Bob’s Park & Pork, Kealikekua, HI: Michael R. Bristow
    64. Blake’s Lota Burger, New Mexico: Russ Duckworth
    65. Blenders in the Grass, State Street, Santa Barbara, California
    66. Bob-a-Lous Supermarket
    67. Bong Recreation Area
    68. Booze & Bait, East Moline, IL: Tom Smith
    69. Boring Drugs, Warsaw, MO: Rich Doyle
    70. Brake-O Brake Center
    71. Bringer Inn?, Saginaw, MI
    72. Brotherhood Rules Place, Alzey, Germany
    73. Buda-Pest, London, ON
    74. Budget Smog
    75. Bun-N-Burg, NY, NY: Anne W.
    76. Burning Stoves & Stuff, Belgrade, MT
    77. Buy-N-Leave
    78. Cafe Bong, Clark Street, Chicago
    79. Café Muppet, Chicago, IL
    80. Cap-N-Cork
    81. Card ‘N All, Closter, NJ: Anne W.
    82. Chance Aviation, Indianapolis, IN: Ginger Home
    83. Chat ‘N’ Chew, Alabama
    84. Chat n’ Rest, Columbia, SC: William Ross
    85. Chi Wa Ga Ga, New Orleans, LA: Kate Smith
    86. Chick n’ Chop, Boca Raton, FL
    87. Chinese Ho, Winfield, IL
    88. Chubby & Tubby Department Store
    89. Chuck-A-Rama restaurant, White River Junction, VT: Frank Revi
    90. Cluck-U-Chicken, Hyattsville, MD: James Garner
    91. Cock & Bottle, York, UK
    92. Come & Be Blessed Cuts Barber Shop, Columbia Avenue, Hammond, Indiana
    93. Come As You Are and Eat in Your Car, Chicagoland, IL: Liz Milner
    94. Come n’ Shop
    95. Common Sense Novelty Company, Chicago, IL: Tracy Jo Seneca
    96. Cool Noggins, Medford, WI
    97. Cork ‘N Brew, Dayton, OH
    98. Cork ‘N Cap
    99. Corner Barkery, Arlington Heights, IL
    100. Corporetum, Lisle, IL
    101. Correct Builders, Belmont Avenue near Kedzie, Chicago
    102. Covert Motel, Matteson, IL
    103. Crab & Things, Des Plaines, IL
    104. Crawford Coal and Mattress Works, Atlanta, GA: Rick Larson
    105. Crazy Denny, good clean cheap stuff
    106. Crooks Warehouses, Kansas City, MO: George Olson
    107. Cruisin’ Chubby’s Gentleman’s Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI: Corey Simons
    108. Crummy Funeral Home, Viola, IL: Mike Robinson
    109. Cue-Phoria, River Grove
    110. Cum Park Plaza, Haw River, NC: S. Tice-Lewis
    111. Cumon Inn Farm, South Windsor, CT
    112. Daily Use Inc., General Merchandise Shoes & Clothing, North Chicago, IL
    113. Dairy Cheer, home of the smashburger
    114. Dan’s Not Calm, Calgary, AB: A Scott
    115. Dave’s Drink and Drive, Independence, MO: Bill DeBauche
    116. Dead People’s Things, Denver: Steven Gugel
    117. Deb-Mar Inc., West Springfield, MA
    118. Decency Motors, Thomasville, GA
    119. Decent Convenient Store, Chicago, IL
    120. Decker’s Cleaners & Gun Shop, Adams, MA: Marion Altieri
    121. Dehart’s Bible and Tire Center, Morehead, KY:
    122. Delvin Turnipseed Dentist
    123. Desperate Housewares, Atlanta, GA
    124. Dicks Liquor, El Monte, CA: Adrienne N. Marshall
    125. Disco Methodist Protestant Church, Disco, MI: J. Wieten
    126. Dog ‘N Mug, Mishawaka, IN
    127. Doggy Style, Denton, TX:
    128. Dons Humburgers
    129. Donut Doctor, Chicago, IL: Matt Bergstrom. Gone
    130. Donuts & Things, San Francisco, CA
    131. Donuts and Gyros, Denton, TX: (Name must have come to being after a long nite of partying.)
    132. Donut Prince, Burbank, California
    133. Doolittle and Dalley estate agents, UK: Kim Longley
    134. Doom and Son Funeral Home, New Carisle, OH: Mike Friedline
    135. Dr. Bonnie Beaver, Ob/Gyn, Los Angeles, CA: Monica L.
    136. Dr. Pizza, Riverside, IL
    137. Drug Castle, Springfield, OH
    138. Dub-L-Dog, Chicago, IL
    139. Dull Funeral Home, Baldwin, WI: Cindy Schuna
    140. Eat ‘n Park, Pittsburgh, PA: Laura from Morgantown
    141. Eat It And Beat It, Maywood, IL: Liz Milner
    142. Eat My Buns bakery, Ajo, AZ: Tom Taylor
    143. Eat-N-Get Gas, Indiana: Roma Lane
    144. Ett-Mar Motel
    145. Fairly Reliable Bob’s Used Cars, Boise, ID: Maria Minicucci
    146. Famil-E-Fun, Mitchell, SD
    147. Fat Boys Pork Palace, Brandywine, WV: Frank McPherson
    148. Fatal Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary
    149. Faver-Dykes State Park, St. Augustine, FL: Jim Nicola
    150. Felix & Oscar’s, Westlake, Ohio
    151. Fire Trol, Orland, CA
    152. Flea N Eat, Prestonsburg, KY: Ronald Thornsberry
    153. Flowers ‘n Things, Hayward, Wisconsin
    154. Flub A Dub Chub’s hot dogs, Chicago, IL: Anne W.
    155. Fluff ‘Em Buff ‘Em Stuff ‘Em (taxidermy/car repair/beauty shop), Canon City, CO: Sheila??
    156. Fluke Transport & Warehousing,
    157. Flunch Restaurant, Paris, France
    158. Food ‘n’ Scat, Gainesville, FL: Rick Larson
    159. The Food Hive, NY, NY: Anne W.
    160. Food Topic, New York, NY: Jeremy Markowitz
    161. For Pet’s Sake, Thousand Oaks, CA: Anne W.
    162. Fork-N-Cork, St. Charles, IL
    163. Fra-mar Italian Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY
    164. Fractured Prune Donut Shop
    165. Frank’s No-tel
    166. Franks A Lot, Waterford, MI: Gary Lewis
    167. Freindly Liqour (sic), San Diego, CA: Thomas Henning (Yes, he didn’t check the spelling for the huge sign out in front of his store.)
    168. Friendly Fire Place, Ft. Collins, CO
    169. Fu King Chinese Restaurant, Lake City, FL: Dale B.
    170. Fu-Kim Grand Palace, Houston, TX: MFriedline
    171. Fucifino Cafe, St. Louis, Missouri: Mark Herich
    172. Fulco’s Taste ‘N’ See
    173. Fully Food Market, Archer Avenue near Princeton, Chicago
    174. Funeral Supplies and Daycare Center, Columbus, Ohio: John Moglia
    175. Funitos
    176. Funky Nails, Newark, New Jersey
    177. Funny Cry Happy Gift, New York, NY: Cole Gerard
    178. Futurama Beauty Academy, Chicago, IL
    179. Garden of Eat’N, Grand Junction, CO: Anne
    180. Gas and Grub
    181. Gas-A-Roo, Calumet Avenue, Hammond
    182. Gas It
    183. Gas N Stuff, Fenton, MO: Anne W.
    184. Gas n’ Git
    185. Gas n’ Goods, Harrisville, WV
    186. Gay Bar & Grill, Gay, MI: Giondd
    187. Get It-N-Go Party Store, Muskegon, MI
    188. Git ‘N Go, Clinton, TN
    189. Git-Yo Chicken Fish and Burger, Kansas City, MO: Bill Debauche
    190. Gleaming Barkus, San Mateo, CA
    191. Gleed Feed & Seed, Yakima, WA: David Lind
    192. Go To Blases Lounge
    193. Go-Tane, Chicago Heights, IL
    194. Gobs of Hobs,The Hobby Store
    195. God Bless Tires, Sacramento, CA: Bonnie G.
    196. Godlove’s Liquors, Hagerstown, MD: Mike White (founded by my uncle, Ed
    197. Good’nough electric, Toledo, OH: Jared S.
    198. Goodbody Mortuary, San Diego, CA: Thomas Henning
    199. Goods For Less, Greenview Avenue near Jarvis, Chicago
    200. Grease Pit (oil change),
    201. Great Ball Chinese Restaurant, New Orleans, LA
    202. Groner Funeral Home, Dowagiac, MI: CBH
    203. Gross Convenient Store, Gross Point Blvd. Skokie, IL
    204. Gross Gas, Sunset, ME: Mill
    205. Guberif
    206. Hair ‘n’ Things, Sturgis, MI
    207. Hair & Things, Waukesha, WI
    208. Hair Way To Heaven, Redkey, IN: Kim L.
    209. Hairkiller, Alzey, Germany
    210. Happy Foods, Central Avenue near Devon, Chicago
    211. Happy Hooker Bait Store, Oak Harbor, OH: Jared S.
    212. Happy Lamb Hot Pot, Cambridge, Mass. The pot is probably happier than the lamb
    213. Hardware and Pain, Brooklyn, NY
    214. Harry Little Pizza, Baltimore, MD: Leigh Panlilio (I order it extra large: hold the hair.)
    215. Hav-A-Nap Motel, Toronto, ON: Peggy-Sue Setterington
    216. He Ain’t Here Lounge, Lake Station, IN: Smarty Pants
    217. Heal N Cure, Northbrook, Illinois
    218. Helpee Selfee Chinese Laundry
    219. Hep Ur Sef, Missouri:
    220. Herbie’s Ramrod Room
    221. Here We Grow garden supplies, Hadley, Mass.
    222. Hi! Let’s Eat, Lompoc, CA: Matt Bergstrom
    223. Hiram’s Guns & Spirits, El Cajon, CA: Julie Cohen
    224. His & Her’s Auto Brake & Muffler, Toledo, OH: Bonnie G.
    225. Ho Hum Motel, Burlington, VT
    226. Ho Lee Chow restaurant, Toronto, ON
    227. Ho-Hum Motel, West Yellowstone, MT
    228. Hock It To Me Pawn Shop
    229. Holy Sheet! Housewares, Australia: Aaron T. Slater
    230. Home of Mr. Neat
    231. Honky’s Ribs
    232. Hot ‘n Now, Stevens Point, WI
    233. Hotel Mr. Bed City, Paris, France
    234. House of Beef/House of Tikes, Near Sonora, CA: Russ Duckworth
    235. House of Bottles
    236. House of More Plastic Bags, San Francisco, CA: Wendy Arsenault
    237. House of Poon Chinese restaurant, Rochester, NY
    238. Huffy & Subby Cab Co., Chicago, IL
    239. Human Electronics
    240. Hung Far Low, Portland, OR: Mary Catherine Lamb
    241. I Am A Print Shoppe, Chicago, Missouri: Heather Jagman
    242. I’m Here Vietnamese Restaurant, Madison, WI
    243. Imperial House of Glass Block, Chicago, IL
    244. Innjoy Wine & Dine, Chicago, IL
    245. Insani-T’s, Muskegon, MI
    246. Islamic Books & Things, Chicago, IL
    247. It’ll Do Club, Dallas, TX: Matt Bergstrom
    248. It’ll Do Motel, Johnson City, TN: Ian Blackburn
    249. It’sugar Fix, I95, Connecticut. Brutal honesty
    250. Jiffy Smog, Las Vegas, NV: Kate Yule
    251. Jinks Funeral Home, Viola, IL: Mike Robinson
    252. Jolley Funeral Home, Salisbury, MD: Tom M.?
    253. Judy’s Lounge & Liquor, Stone Park, IL: Larry Ostgaard
    254. Just Meat Sandwich Bar, Jerusalem, Israel
    255. Just Pawn,
    256. Just Stuff, Chicago, IL
    257. Just Things, Ireland
    258. Karen’s Hair’m, Chicago, IL
    259. Ken-Mar Liquor, Wichita, KS
    260. King Dollar Discount A-Go-Go Liquors, Lincoln, NE: Bill Shaffer
    261. King Dong Restaurant, Berkeley, CA: James Garner
    262. King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
    263. Kiss My Glass
    264. Kit ‘n’ Kapoodle, Waukesha, WI
    265. Kitty Frisk, UK: Kim Longley
    266. Kum N’ Go, Omaha, NE
    267. Kuntry Kitchen, Chatanooga, TN
    268. Kuts and Stuff
    269. Kwik Sak, Tennessee
    270. Last Resort RV Park and Campground, Nashville, Indiana
    271. Let’s Pet Puppies, Chicago, IL: Heather Jagman
    272. Lick-a-Chick, North Sydney, NS: Martin Ince
    273. Life-The Ultimate Dry Cleaning, Ft. Lee, NJ: Anne Weitze
    274. Liquor Box, Calgary, BC: Paul (must be catering to the young female university crowd.?)
    275. Liquor Lotto Pizza Video Check Cashing, Royal Oak, MI: Gary Lewis
    276. Liquor, Guns and Ammo, Columbia, MO: Cole Gerard
    277. Litteral Photography
    278. Little Jake’s Eat It An Beat It, Kansas City: Bill Debauche
    279. Little Taste Restaurant, Wheaton, MD: Leigh Panlilio
    280. Loaf n’ Jug: Holly Grassy
    281. Long Funeral Service, Cambridge, MA: Shellac
    282. Lord Kitsch, Jerusalem, Israel
    283. Lot O’ Fun
    284. Lovely Jewelers, Chicago, IL
    285. Lowe Quality Paints, Homewood, IL: Jon V.
    286. Lube Lizard, San Antonio, TX: Bonnie G.
    287. Lucky Pork Store, San Francisco, CA
    288. Lunar Landscaping, Des Plaines, IL
    289. Mac’s Grog ‘n’ Groc, Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, California. My original funny store name
    290. Mahboob, Devon Avenue, Chicago
    291. Man-Jo-Vins-Chicken Ribs, Chicago, IL
    292. Mar-Phil-Ous restaurant, Edinburgh, Scotland
    293. MarJean Village
    294. Master Bait and Tackle (you can’t beat our bait), Bonita Beach, FL: Clare Sullivan
    295. May Pop Tire Shop
    296. Mel’s House of Raymond bar, Lawndale, CA:
    297. Mellow Mushroom Pizza, Charleston, SC
    298. Menlove Dodge, Bountiful, UT
    299. Mercury Fish N Chips, Southfield, MI: J. Wieten
    300. Mexican Blockheads Diner, New York, New York
    301. Miche Purse-N-Ality, Crest Hill, IL: Katherine of Chicago
    302. Mike Schrank’s Smoke ‘N Gun, Waukegon, Illinois
    303. Miskas Har-Hig Liquors, Chicago, IL
    304. Mo Better Meatty Meat Burgers, Los Angeles, CA: Ezra Reinstein
    305. Mo Rugs Plus, Chicago, IL
    306. Mobile Home Stuff Store, Lake Geneva, WI
    307. Mohammed’s Imports and Respect for Life Fish House, Huntington, WV: David Gray
    308. Mother Cluckers Kitchen, Elston Avenue at Foster, Chicago
    309. Moo & Oink grocery, Stony Island Avenue at 72nd Street, Chicago. Now gone
    310. Moo and Oink Hydraulics, Chicago, IL
    311. Mow Town Lawn Care, Salem, OR
    312. Mr Rib and Beef Pizza, Park Ridge, IL:
    313. Mr. Beef, Chicago, IL
    314. Mr. Check Casher, Phenix City, AL
    315. Mr. Chicken
    316. Mr. Closeout, New York, NY
    317. Mr. Gas Food Mart, Tennessee: Jim Nicola
    318. Mr. Greek Gyros
    319. Mr. Gyros Mrs. Pizza, Chicago, IL
    320. Mr. Hair (It won’t fall off)
    321. Mr. Pizza King, Chicago, IL: Jameson B.
    322. Mr. Pollo, Belmont Avenue near Kedzie, Chicago
    323. Mr. Porch and Mr. Brick, Clark Street at Ridge, Chicago
    324. Mr. Pup: A Meal in a Bun, Des Plaines, IL
    325. Mr. Salon, Lincoln Avenue near Berenice, Chicago
    326. Mister Sandwich, tourist food on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, Venice
    327. Mr. Sandwich, York, UK
    328. Mr. Taco, Cicero, IL
    329. Mr. Wahoo’s Eatery
    330. Mz. Dymples, Chicago, IL
    331. Naansense Indian Restaurant, Chicago, IL
    332. National Liquor Bar, National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
    333. Neen Savage (and nearby Neen Sollers), (and nearby Neen Sollers), UK: Kim Longley
    334. New Woey Loy Goey Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
    335. New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe Restaurant, Chinatown, New York. Why not add a few more random words into the name?
    336. Nice Chinese Cuisine, New York, NY
    337. Nice n Necessary
    338. Nirvana Family Restaurant, Lafeyette, IN
    339. No Name Nothing Special Produce Co., Baltimore, MD: jhill
    340. No Pork, Brooklyn, Girard Fox
    341. No Regrets Tattoos, Terre Haute, IN
    342. Noel’s Pee Pee Gas, on the banks of Pee Pee Creek, Waverly, OH: Robert Roop
    343. Norm’s Altruistic Lounge, Milwaukee, WI: Anne C.
    344. Not Just Futons and Barstools, Naples, FL
    345. Not Just Thee Fish Bowl, Evanston, Illinois. In case you thought it was just a ye olde fishbowl
    346. Nothing Bundt Cakes, Skokie, Illinois
    347. Nut ‘n’ Butt Puppys, Orlando, FL: Andrew
    348. Oh My Nappy Hair Salon, Los Angeles, CA: Sarah B.
    349. Oh My Nappy Talent Agency, Los Angeles, CA: Sarah B.
    350. OK Produce, Philadelphia, PA
    351. OK Restaurant, Archer Avenue near Princeton, Chicago
    352. Ooo-La-Lodge, Milpitas, CA: Dana Rozycki
    353. Opium Den Chinese Cuisine, Oxford, UK
    354. Our Heavenly Father’s, Jesus’ and Our Bake Shop, Atlanta, GA: Landondemand
    355. Pac N Snac, Memphis, TN
    356. Packer Stuff And Lots of Tees, Hayward, Wisconsin
    357. Park-Que Apartments (across from Maurice’s BBQ), Columbia, SC
    358. Parkade, Spokane, WA
    359. Pass Gas, Burbank, CA: Dave Trowbridge
    360. Pastry Dynamics, Hartford, CT: Juliana Francis & David Patrick Kelly
    361. Pay ‘n Tote
    362. Pay & Pakit, South Bend, IN
    363. Pee Pee Gas and Mini Mart
    364. Peed Plumbing, Chantilly, VA: Bill Wrbican
    365. Penguin Zesto, Winona, MN
    366. Pets Ahoy, Ocean Township, NJ: Glida Wyndorf
    367. Pho King, Oakland, CA: Bruce Wagg
    368. Phyllis-Up Tavern
    369. Pick & Pump, Columbus, IN
    370. Piddle-in-the-Hole (near Wyre Piddle), near Wyre Piddle, UK: Kim Longley
    371. Poo Ping Palace
    372. Prison View Party Store, Upper Peninsula, MI: Bonnie L. Humphrey
    373. Pu Pu Hot Pot, Cambridge, MA
    374. Pub N Grub, Springfield, IL
    375. Pump N Munch, St. Cloud, MN: Cass Fleming
    376. Pump N’ Pak, Sioux Falls, SD
    377. Pump n’ Pies, South Bristol, ME: Michele Fandel Bonner
    378. Pump-N-Stuf, West Chester, IA
    379. Puppies & Reptiles, Kissimmee, FL: Marc Linneball
    380. Rainbow Gas Garden, Chapin, SC
    381. Raper’s Rent to Own, Seymour, IN
    382. Reamstown Athletic Association (Parking in Rear), Reamstown, PA
    383. Richard Head’s Bar, Houston, TX: Sandra Madrid
    384. Rocks and Rugs, Marco Island, FL
    385. S&M Auto Parts & Machine Shop, Macon, GA: J. Griffin
    386. S&M Liquors, Wakefield, MA: Jessy M
    387. S&M Motel, East Dubuque, IL: paulaspk
    388. S&M Supply Co.
    389. Sack N Snack
    390. Sam-n-Ella’s River Club, Kankakee, IL: Shelly Dupuis
    391. Sanitary Food Circus
    392. Sanitary Lunch, Rossville, IN
    393. Sav U Tax, Minneapolis, MN
    394. Sav-On-A-Rol-A, Linden NJ: Ken Levine (Savonarola was the 15th
      Century Italian “Reformer/Inquisitor”)
    395. Save n’ Have, Omaha, NE: Don Frasier
    396. Scads of Things, Mill Valley, California
    397. Scandorama travel, Sweden
    398. Scarred For Life Tattoo, Boulder, CO: Russ H.
    399. Schmuck-Cafe, Bern, Switzerland. Where you can relax after shopping at the Jerk Store
    400. Self Centered Yoga, Chicago, IL
    401. Ser. Sta. & Gro., Mississippi
    402. Sew Generously, St. Charles, IL
    403. Sexty Sex Lounge, Chicago, IL
    404. Sheesh Mahal, York, UK
    405. Shigs in Pit, Fort Wayne, IN
    406. Shining Bikes & Things, Chicago, IL
    407. Shop & Shop, San Antonio, TX: Kim Rudzki
    408. Shop-N-Bag, Pennsylvania, PA
    409. Short Funeral Service, Delaware: John and Charlotte MacDonald
    410. Show N Tell, Indianapolis, IN
    411. Sign-A-Rama,
    412. Simply Decks & Stuff, Ft. Wayne, IN
    413. Simply Smog, Los Angeles, CA
    414. Sir Grout, Chicago
    415. Sip ‘n’ Bite Diner, Baltimore, MD: Leigh Panlilio
    416. Sip N’ Save Liquor
    417. Sir Grout, Chicago, IL: Anne W.
    418. Sir Spa, Chicago, IL: Anne W.
    419. Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn, Fairbanks, AK: Trisha Long
    420. The Slug and Lettuce, UK
    421. Slurp N Burp Tavern, Moscow, ID: Jennifer
    422. Slush Yo’ Mouth, Wauchula, FL
    423. Smog Hut, Las Vegas, NV: Kate Yule
    424. Snack N Sack
    425. Soda and Pet Food City, Agawam, MA
    426. Sophia Choice Gift Shop, San Francisco, CA
    427. Spirits & Such, Arlington Heights, IL
    428. Spit ‘N Shine Car Wash
    429. Splash-O-Matic
    430. Splendid Things, Hayward, Wisconsin
    431. Spout ‘N’ Toad, Tacoma, WA: W. Houston Dougharty
    432. Squat and Gobble luncheonette, Bluffton, SC: Jason Unger
    433. Stacks & Steaks
    434. Stallings Automotive, Rigby, ID: Bonnie G.
    435. Standee’s Coffee Shop, Granville Avenue. It was by the El station
    436. Steak-N-Egger, Chicago, IL
    437. Steak’M Take’M, Kansas City, MO: Bill Debauche
    438. Sterile Concepts, Richmond, VA: Molly
    439. Sticky Fingers Gourmet Popcorn,
    440. Stop & Drink, Chicago, IL
    441. Stop & Gas
    442. Stop Everyday, Chicago, IL
    443. Stop Sock, Waukegan, IL
    444. Strange Drugs, Dublin, GA: Nathan F.
    445. Stubby’s Dog and Car Wash: Home of Waggin’ Tails and Shinin’ Cars?, Overland Park, KS: Bill D.
    446. Stuff-A-Bear & Stuff, Hayward, Wisconsin
    447. Stuff and Such, Elk Rapids, MI
    448. Stuff-It Storage, Hadley, Mass.
    449. Stuff N Things for Pets, Ballard, WA
    450. Super Duper Weenie, Fairfield, Connecticut
    451. Sweet Septic Systems
    452. Swirl-n-Curl Beauty Shoppe
    453. Take-N- Eat
    454. Takhomaburger, Wichita, KS: Don Fraysier
    455. Tank N’ Tummy, Stevens Point, IA: Shellee Graham, Matt Bergstrom
    456. Tank Noodle
    457. Tan U Very Much, Muncie, IndianaTasty Cuisine, Des Plaines, IL
    458. Taxidermy and Cheese, Hudson, WI: Rich
    459. Terminal Subs, Camden, NJ: Cynthia Santiglia
    460. Terrible Herbst, Western U.S.
    461. That’s Rentertainment, Champaign, IL
    462. The Autotorium, Spring City, PA
    463. The Bare Trapp showgirls, Medford, WI
    464. The Barking Lot, Sebastopol, CA: Jim Clements
    465. The Big Time Dallas, Roodepoort, South Africa: Francois Van Der Linde
    466. The Bunghole Liquors, Salem, MA: Mark Delude
    467. The Dam Store, Oscoda, MI: Christal
    468. The Dead Cow, Wichita, KS: Don Fraysier
    469. The Dew Drop Lounge (near miss), Cincinnati, OH: Dan H.??
    470. The Duke of Oil, Maywood, IL
    471. The Famous Taco Burrito, Chicago, IL
    472. The Four Finger Fireworks Stand, Idaho: Jennifer?
    473. The Frigid Fluid Company, Chicago, IL: Tracy Jo Seneca
    474. The Ground Cow, Penryn, CA: Gary Bonhiver
    475. The Hard Work And Sacrifice Wig Boutique And Beauty Parlor, Cincinnati, OH: Dan H.
    476. The House of 220 Volt Appliances, Chicago, IL
    477. The Lie-N Den Bar
    478. The Lord Jesus Christ if I be Lifted Up Chair Caning and Variety Store: Gloria Urban
    479. The Money Shot restaurant, Chicago, IL
    480. The Nut Bush, Oak Park, IL: Kristen Rengren
    481. The Permanent Solution
    482. The Poolery
    483. The Priest Hole, Ambleside, UK
    484. The Reef and Beef, Calgary, BC: Louis Krynski
    485. The Shirtery, Provincetown, RI
    486. The Stumble Inn bar and grille
    487. The Tuck Me Inn, Rocky Pt., NY: Jim Godfrey
    488. Things and Stuff, Garden City, NY
    489. Things: Quality Crafts and Presents, Boscastle, UK
    490. Thomas’ Formal Wear and Flags, Dormont, PA: Robyn Smigel
    491. Tight Assets, South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California
    492. Tightwad Convenience Store, Tightwad, MO: Brian Neale
    493. Toe Tally Nails, Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C.
    494. Tom’s Puff ‘N’ Stuff, Alsip, IL
    495. Toon Funeral Home, Westmont, IL: Danimal
    496. Toot And Tell It, Dyer, TN:
    497. Tooth Acres dental, ?Mt. Dora, IN: Ruth??
    498. Tooth and Nail, Langley Park, MD: Amy Halsted
    499. Toss-Up’s restaurant, Detroit, MI:
    500. Touristic Nightclub
    501. Traf-O-Teria, El Dorado, KS
    502. Trav-A-Leer Motel
    503. Trim N’ Tidy Cleaners, Lakeland, FL
    504. Tuck In Motel
    505. Tumbling Tots Child Care?, Ashville, NC: Lisa L.
    506. Tuscofab
    507. Tweety & Popp Hardware
    508. U Pump It, Longmont, CO
    509. U-Fil-Um
    510. U-Squirt-It Carwash
    511. Uff da! Up Nort Stuff, Rothschild, WI: Bill D. (Not Up North. “Up Nort” — ending in the letter “t” — is a Wisconsin slang for the area north of Highway 29, which is thought to be like another world, a sort of wilderness outback, where the people are very different. )
    512. Ugly Hookah Cafe, Bryn Mawr Avenue near Kimball, Chicago
    513. Update Gift, San Francisco, CA
    514. Used to Be’s restaurant, Mantoloking, NJ: Anne W.
    515. Van Go Interior and Exterior Painting, Roseville, MI
    516. Vel-an Cleaners: jpmc
    517. Victory Spud Service
    518. Wag-A-Bag, Murphy, NC
    519. Wash ‘n Wire Laundromat, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
    520. We Sell Fried Catfish and Fix Flats, Baton Rouge, LA: Jim Godfrey
    521. Weenie Beenie
    522. Wet n’ Dry Unisex
    523. What Do Eye Care optical, Evergreen Park, IL: RK??
    524. What the Pho, Bellevue, WA: John Carlton
    525. Whatever It Takes Beauty, ?Aurora: spacechem??
    526. Whirligigarama
    527. Whoa n Go, Jackson, MN: Erin
    528. Whoot! Hair It Is
    529. Wings & Things, Albany, GA: Tracy Rose
    530. Wings N Things
    531. Wings O Flavor, Chicago, IL
    532. WOB Lingerie, Teaneck, NJ
    533. Wok N Go, Lexington, KY: Karl Lawrence
    534. Woo-Woo’s BBQ
    535. Wood ‘n Things, Hayward, Wisconsin
    536. Wreck & Roll Auto Body
    537. Yankee Doodle Italian Food?, Tucson, AZ: Janice Milhem ?
    538. Yeah Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, New York, NY: Cole Gerard
    539. Yes Sir Pizza, Salzburg, Austria
    540. Ying’s Wings, Things and Bar, Depew, NY
    541. Your Snappy Shop, Irving Park Road at Pulaski, Chicago, IL: Ed Ripp
    542. Yum Thai Cuisine, 44th Street near Broadway, New York

Special thanks to Anne W., whose contributions made this collection possible. And honorable mention to The Simpsons for Try-N-Save, It’s a Wonderful Knife, Just Rainsticks, and Bloodbath and Beyond (gun shop)

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