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Honorable Mentions (store names from The Simpsons): Try-N-Save, It's a Wonderful Knife, Just Rainsticks, Bloodbath and Beyond (gun shop)

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Sanitary Food Circus, Troy, NY (RB Barber. "Sensational yet safe satiety")
The Permanent Solution beauty salon, near Burlington Vermont (RB Barber)
Nice n Necessary, Brooklyn, NY (RB Barber)
What the Pho Bellevue, Washington (John Carlton)
Ave's Taxidermy and Cheese, River Falls, Wisconsin (Sheryl Kostich)
A-Furniture Store, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
Litteral Photography, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
Bearable Dentistry, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
Bender Chiropractic, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
The Lie-N Den Bar, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
Judy's Lounge & Liquor, Stone Park, Illinois (Larry Ostgaard: "My friend John & his girlfriend, Judy and I would drive by and invariably John would ask if we wanted to go to Judy's lounge and lick her.")
Pastry Dynamics, Hartford, Connecticut (Juliana Francis & David Patrick Kelly)
Doom and Son Funeral Home, New Carisle, Ohio (Mike Friedline)
Hock It To Me Pawn Shop, Albuquerque (Anne Weitze)
Thomas' Formal Wear and Flags, Dormont, Pennsylvania (Robyn Smigel)
Hoosier Buddy liquors, Bloomington, Indiana (Christine Fahlen)
Fucifino Cafe, St. Louis, Missouri (Mark Herich)
Big Dick's Halfway Inn, Gravois Mills, Missouri (T.P. Shearer. Thanks also for Lick-a-Chick photo)
The Stumble Inn bar and grille, Moon Township, Pennsylvania (Denise McGinley)
Wok N Go - "It's only Wok N Go, but I like it," Lexington, Ky (Karl Lawrence)
The Best Way Inn Motel, Carbondale, Ilinois (rl Lawrence)
Holy Sheet! Housewares, Paramatta, NSW, Australia (Aaron T. Slater)
King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow, Scotland ) K.L. Cox
Thai me up, San Francisco (Sandra Madrid)
Crafty Beaver hardware store, Chicago (Sandra Madrid)
Richard Heads bar, Houston (Sandra Madrid)
Fluke transport & Warehousing, Hamilton, Ontario, "If it arrives on time, it's a Fluke" (Susan Galbraith)
Alkie's Liquor Store, Massena NY (
Boring Drugs, Warsaw, Mo. (Rich Doyle)
Al's Fun in the Bun Chicago (me, John Carlton)
Cruisin' Chubby's Gentleman's Club, near the Wisconsin Dells (Corey Simons)
Imperial House of Glass Blocks, Chicago
Burning Stoves & Stuff, Belgrade, MT
Ho-Hum Motel, West Yellowstone, MT
Beaver Cleaners, a dry cleaners near Beaver Liquors, Beaver Creek, Colo. (Meredith Whitt)
Sam-n-Ella's River Club, Kankakee, Ill. (Shelly Dupuis)
B-Back Again, Bradley, Ill. (Shelly Dupuis)
A Happy Store, Haltom City, Texas (Bart: I thought the sign was just a slogan until I wrote a check and asked how to make the payee, when the clerk slowly said " A.... Happy..... Store")
Prison View Party Store, Upper Peninsula, Mich. (Bonnie L. Humphrey)
Master bait and tackle (you can't beat our bait), Bonita Beach, Fla. (Clare Sullivan, also John Heuring)
Dicks Liquor, El Monte, Calif. (Adrienne N. Marshall)
Beaver Liquors, Beaver Creek, Colo. (Mark Williams)
S&M Supply Co., Gadsden, Ala. (Tim Hathcock)
Big Bone Lick State Park, Kentucky (Jamie Bloom)
Jiffy Smog, Las Vegas (Kate Yule)
Smog Hut, Las Vegas (Kate Yule)
Simply Smog, Los Angeles
A Lee Inn, Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (
Ash Wipes Chimney Sweeps, Vernon Hills, Ill. (Sarah Renz)
Terminal Subs, Camden, NJ (Cynthia Santiglia)
Piddle-in-the-Hole (near Wyre Piddle), UK (Kim Longley)
Neen Savage (and nearby Neen Sollers), UK (Kim Longley)
Kitty Frisk, UK (Kim Longley)
Doolittle and Dalley, the estate agents, UK (Kim Longley)
Tooth and Nail, Langley Park, Md., a manicure parlor and dentist (Amy Halsted: "the god's honest truth")
Booze & Bait, East Moline, Ill. (Tom Smith)
The Big Time Dallas, Roodepoort, South Africa (Francois Van Der Linde)
Funny Cry Happy Gift, New York City (Cole Gerard)
Yeah Shanghai, Chinese restaurant, New York City (Cole Gerard)
Pass Gas, gas station, Burbank, Calif. (Dave trowbridge)
The Lord Jesus Christ if I be Lifted Up Chair Caning and Variety Store (Gloria Urban)
Dehart's Bible and Tire center, Morehead, Ky. (
Penney Fence Erection Company, until they were pressured to shorten it to Penney Fence (Stella Hoyden)
The Liquor Box, La Jolla, Calif. (Natatia Nix)
Dull Funeral Home, Baldwin, Wisc. (Cindy Schuna)
Chi Wa Ga Ga, chihuahua accessory store, New Orleans, La. (Kate Smith)
Toss-Up's restaurant, Detroit (
Addictions To Go, convenience store, Waldorf, Md. (Loel Barr)
It'll Do Motel, Johnson City, Tenn. (Ian Blackburn)
Hiram's Guns & Spirits, El Cajon, Calif.(Julie Cohen)
Doggy Style, pet grooming, Denton, Texas (
Donuts and Gyros, Denton, Texas ( "name must have come to being after a long nite of partying")
Freindly Liqour (Yes, he didn't check the spelling for the huge sign out in
front of his store), San Diego (Thomas Henning)
Goodbody Mortuary, San Diego, CA (Thomas Henning)
Not just Futons and Barstools, Naples, Fla.
Islamic Books & Things, Devon Avenue, Chicago
The Ground Cow, Penryn, Calif. (Gary Bonhiver)
Whoot! Hair It Is, Smyrna, Georgia (
Mohammed's Imports and Respect for Life Fish House, Huntington, WV (David Gray)
Save n' Have grocery store, Omaha, NE (Don Fraysier)
Food Topic, Manhattan (Jeremy Markowitz)
Eat 'n Park, Pittsburgh (Laura from Morgantown)
Short Funeral Service, Del.(John and Charlotte MacDonald)
Long Funeral Service, Cambridge, Mass. (Sheelah)
A-Ford-O Motel, Atlantic, Iowa (Staci Wendt)
Hav-A-Nap Motel, Toronto (Peggy-Sue Setterington)
Sweat Bros. Auto Shop, run by Tommy Sweat, Owensboro, Ky. (Peggy-Sue Setterington)
No-Tel Motel, Tucson (Brenda Ericsson)
Funeral Supplies and Daycare center, Columbus, Ohio (John Moglia)
Mr. Gas Food Mart, Tenn. (Jim Nicola)
Faver-Dykes State Park, St. Augustine, Fla. (Jim Nicola)
Amigone Funeral Home, Buffalo, NY (George Olson)
Sweet Septic Systems, Placeville, Calif. (George Olson)
Crooks Warehouses, Kansas City (George Olson)
Noel's Pee Pee Gas (on the banks of Pee Pee Creek), Waverly, OH (Robert Roop)
Peed Plumbing, Chantilly, VA (Bill Wrbican)
Poo Ping Palace, Tujunga, Calif., (Jeff Mills)
The Barking Lot, Sebastopol,Calif. (Jim Clements)
Fairly Reliable Bob's used cars, Boise, Idaho (Maria Minicucci)
Our Heavenly Father's, Jesus' and Our Bake Shop, Atlanta, Ga. (Landondemand)
Puppies & Reptiles, Kissimmee, Fla. (Marc Linneball)
Dick Blick art supplies, Columbus, Ohio (A Thatcher: Very often the B of the Blick part goes out)
Flea N Eat, flea market and restaurant, Prestonsburg, Ky. (Ronald Thornsberry)
Gleed Feed & Seed, Yakima Wash. (David Lind)
May Pop Tire Shop, Springfield, Mo. (Timothy Walker)
Chuck-A-Rama, restaurant near White River Junction, VT, circa 1985 (Frank Revi)
Pump n' Pies, South Bristol, Maine (Michele Fandel Bonner: It was a gas station, cafe and sometimes sold bridal gowns)
Jot 'em Down used appliance store, Wichita, KS (Don Fraysier)
Armegeddon Carpet Cleaners, Avenue P, Brooklyn (Steve Garcia)
No Name Nothing Special Produce Co., Baltimore (jhill)
King Dollar Discount A-Go-Go Liquors, Lincoln, NE, recently razed for a Walmart (Bill Shaffer)
White Swallow, gay bar, San Francisco, CA (jpmc) (Undoubtedly self-conscious, but wins for grossout quality.)
Venus Demilo Arms apartments, Hayward, CA (jpmc) (Also self-conscious, but a joke obvious to the point of being sublime.)
S&M Motel, East Dubuque, IL (paulaspk)
Atlasta Motel, Booneville MO (Don Biggs)
Dave's Drink and Drive, sports bar and golf driving range, Independence, MO (Bill DeBauche)
Bunghole Liquors, Salem, MA (Mark Delude)
Frank's No-tel hotel, Pocono Mountains, PA (ck KRAZZ)
Philippino Five - O, Toronto (Viva Dolan)
Terry's House of Heartburn, Maryville, MO, (Don Fraysier)
The Dead Cow, Wichita, KS: (Don Fraysier)
Takhomaburger, Wichita, KS:(Don Fraysier)
The Nut Bush, Oak Park, IL (Kristen Rengren)
Museum of the Sea and Indian, type of business: tourist trap, Mississippi, (Mary Perrin)
Peggy's Poodle Parlor All Breeds, Lafayette, LA, (Mary Perrin)
Hung Far Low, Portland, Ore. (Mary Catherine Lamb)
Git-Yo Chicken Fish and Burger, Kansas City (Bill Debauche)
Steak'M Take'M, Kansas City (Bill Debauche)
Wok-N-Stix, Kansas City (Bill Debauche)
Little Jake's Eat It An Beat It, Kansas City (Bill Debauche)
Herbie's Ramrod Room, Boston (gay bar that's been around for years) (Camille7)
Crummy Funeral Home, Viola, Ill. (now Jinks Funeral Home) (Mike Robinson)
AH WA GA barber shop, Owego,NY (Anne Weitze)
Life-The Ultimate Dry Cleaning, Ft. Lee, NJ (Anne Weitze)
Hob Nob Cafe, Tacoma, Wash. (W. Houston Dougharty)
Poodle Dog, Tacoma, Wash. (bar name is The Pup room) (W. Houston Dougharty)
Spout 'N' Toad, Tacoma, Wash. (W. Houston Dougharty)
King Lear Motel, Oskaloosa, Iowa (Kathleen Clute)
The Reef and Beef, Calgary, Canada (Louis Krynski)
Fat Boys Pork Palace, Brandywine, WV (Frank McPherson)
Big Boy's Steel Erection (construction company), St. Louis (D. Snow)
Bathe Electric (electric supply) , St. Louis (D. Snow)
Eat It And Beat It, Maywood, Ill. (Liz Milner)
Come As You Are and Eat in Your Car, Chicagoland (Liz Milner)
Let's Pet Puppies, Chicago (Heather Jagman)
I am a Print Shoppe, Chicago (Heather Jagman)
Food 'n' Scat, Gainesville, FL (Rick "I presume the last word is a verb, not a noun" Larson)
Crawford Coal and Mattress Works, Atlanta, GA (Rick Larson)
S&M Auto Parts & Machine Shop, Macon, GA (J. Griffin)
Beef People, Galesburg, Ill. (Russ Duckworth)
Beepers and Human Hair, West Miami (FCPubl)
Beer World, liquor store, Cambridge, MD (Leigh Panlilio)
Big Wong, Chinese restaurant, Washington, D.C. (Leigh Panlilio)
Billy Bob's Park & Pork, Kealikekua, Hawaii (Michael R. Bristow)
Blake's Lota Burger, New Mexico(Russ Duckworth)
Chat n' Rest, Columbia, S.C. (William Ross)
Cluck-U-Chicken, Hyattsville, MD, fried chicken and other foods (James Garner)
Come As You Are and Eat in Your Car, Chicagoland (Liz Milner) Crawford Coal and Mattress Works, Atlanta, GA (Rick Larson)
Donut Doctor, Chicago (Matt Bergstrom)
Eat It And Beat It, Maywood, Ill. (Liz Milner) Eat-N-Get Gas, Indiana (Roma Lane)
El Cheapo, gas stations, South Carolina (Leigh Panlilio)
Fill Ya Belly Deli, Edgewater, NJ, deli/convenience store (David Peterkofsky)
Food 'n' Scat, Gainesville, FL (Rick "I presume the last word is a verb, not a noun" Larson)
Fractured Prune, convenience store, Ocean City, MD (Leigh Panlilio)
Franks A Lot, Waterford, Michigan (Gary Lewis)
Fur, Feathers, and Fins, hunting/fishing supplies, Vienna, MD (Leigh Panlilio)
Liquor, Guns and Ammo, Columbia, Mo. (Jayks9752, Cole Gerard)
Harry Little Pizza, Baltimore (Leigh Panlilio: I order it "Extra large, hold the hair")
Helpee Selfee Chinese Laundry, Missouri (
Hep Ur Sef, laundry, Missouri (
Hi! Let's Eat, Lompoc, Calif. (Matt Bergstrom)
House of Beef/House of Tikes, near Sonora, Calif. (Russ Duckworth)
Human Electronics, Chicago (Ed Ripp)
I am a Print Shoppe, Chicago (Heather Jagman)
It'll Do Club (Matt Bergstrom)
King Dong Restaurant, Berkeley, Calif. (James Garner)
Kiss My Glass (stain glass windows), Santa Cruz, CA (Russ Duckworth)
Let's Pet Puppies, Chicago (Heather Jagman)
Lick-a-Chick, a fried chicken shack in North Sydney, Nova Scotia (Martin Ince)
Liquor Lotto Pizza Video Check Cashing, Royal Oak, Michigan (Gary Lewis)
Little Taste, restaurant, Wheaton, MD (Leigh Panlilio)
Loaf n' Jug (Holly Grassy)
Mel's House of Raymond, bar, Lawndale, Calif. (
Mr Rib and Beef Pizza, Park Ridge, formerly Mr Rib and Beef (
Mr. Pizza King, Garfield Blvd., Chicago (Jameson B.)
Murder Burger, Davis, Calif., hamburger establishment (David Peterkofsky)
Ooo-La-Lodge, Milpitas, Calif. (Dana Rozycki)
Pets Ahoy, Ocean Township, N.J. (Glida Wyndorf)
Pump N Munch, St. Cloud, Minn. (Cass Fleming)
Pump 'n' Munch, Tank 'n' Tummy, Twin Cities (Matt Bergstrom)
S&M Auto Parts & Machine Shop, Macon, GA (J. Griffin)
Shop & Shop, renamed former Stop-n-Go, San Antonio (Kim Rudzki, who asks "Why stop at 2 shops? Why not shop & shop & shop & shop & shop?")
Sip 'n' Bite, Diner, Baltimore (Leigh Panlilio)
Squat and Gobble luncheonette, Bluffton, S.C. (Jason Unger)
Tank N' Tummy, Iowa (Shellee Graham)
The Bunghole, liquor store, Salem, Mass. (Mark Delude)
The Common Sense Novelty Company, Chicago (tracy Jo Seneca)
The Frigid Fluid Company, Chicago (tracy Jo Seneca)
The Poolery, swimming pools (Bill) The Tuck Me Inn, strip joint, now a CVS drug store, Rocky Pt., NY (Jim Godfrey)
Toot And Tell It, Dyer, Tenn. (
We sell fried catfish and fix flats, Baton Rouge (Jim Godfrey)
Weenie Beenie, Arlington, Va. (Chris Kovin)
Yogi Limousine Service (Ed Ripp)
Your Snappy Shop (Ed Ripp)

Special thanks to Anne W., whose contributions made this collection possible.

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