My Last Days Of Vinyl

Angelic Gospel Singers, James Brown
This week I completed my decade-long record-digitization project, having ripped around 675 vinyl LPs, 150 78s and 1,100-plus 45s.

First record ripped, on Dec. 8, 2007: a 78 rpm disk of Milky White Way / Bread of Heaven by the Angelic Gospel Singers, followed by I Can’t Stand Myself When You Touch Me and several other vintage James Brown albums. Last record ripped, on May 19, 2018: A 7-inch record with uplifting public service announcements for young people from the Wayout project, circa 1980s. Immediately before that: three square-dance records complete with calls. I didn’t exactly save the best for last.

The process has given me a chance to revisit records I hadn’t touched in years, and some — especially 45s — I had never heard. There were many great discoveries among the old soul and R&B records I used to acquire by the stack at thrift stores and flea markets. Lots of obscure (and, it turns out, often valuable) Chicago soul recordings.

612 thrift-store-bound 45s612 thrift-store-bound 45s

Now it’s all about disposal. These are the 612 45s that are Howard Brown thrift store bound. I have eBay aspirations for another 500 or so 45s. The thrift store records are fine musically, just not worth enough to bother selling. Of course there are still several boxes of LPs to be sold, and a few dozen 78s. So not totally finished with the vinyl/shellac.

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  1. Bill DeBauche says:

    What a fascinating musical journey it must have been!

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