The Forevertron Forever — Genius by the Roadside

North of Madison and just south of Baraboo, Wisconsin, is one of the country’s great roadside attractions, Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron.

The Forevertron, built by Tom Every (Dr. Evermore), south of Baraboo, WisconsinThe Forevertron is a steampunk paradise, with a Victorian look in service of science-fiction vision. Creator Tom Every, born in 1938, has experience as a farmhand, salvager, construction worker and architect’s assistant, according to Leslie Umberger’s Sublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds catalog. Every also helped to fabricate attractions at The House on the Rock, Wisconsin’s foremost tourist trap and a whole other story.

He has involved explanations for the work, but the focus here is its visual impact. The site includes not just the enormous Forevertron itself, but lots of other sculptures, some quite massive in their own right. Junk sculpture isn’t always my favorite, but Every brings a distinct personal vision to the materials that set his apart, not to mention the impact of seeing so many of them in one place. The complexity, imagination and even the science-fiction themes percolating up through the junk make the site a visual wonderland.

Here is a link to the official Web site.

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