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I’m starting to raid my accumulation of vintage junk for sale on ebay. First up are three Tomy Robo Strux wind-up robots. If all goes well, I’ll follow up with old monster magazines, comic books and more toys. If all goes really well, I’ll dip into the dozens of pulp novels I acquired years ago in Owensboro, Kentucky. The big question is whether I’ll find it worthwhile to handle the packing and shipping. In any case, you can check out my ebay seller page.

2 thoughts on “Stuff for sale

  1. Can you please add the David leonardis Gallery to your list of Chicago Folk and contemporary galleries.
    All the info you need is on my web site.
    Please call with any questions.


    David Leonardis
    David Leonardis Gallery
    1346 N. Paulina St.
    Chicago, Il 60622
    773.278.3058 gallery
    917.915.3058 cell

  2. Administrator says:

    Sorry David. As noted on the links page, I stopped adding sites a couple of years ago. It got to be too much work keeping up with all the sites. I’ve only left the page up for archival interest.


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