Some Really OK New Wacky Store Names

Another batch of the strange, the bizarre, the inexplicable wacky store names of the world.

Wacky store names: Nice Pharmacy, Koh Samui, Thailand

Wacky store names: Favorable Chicken - Kebabs - Ribs, London, England

As someone pathologically prone to understatement, I’m especially fond of business names that don’t try too hard. Do eat some OK paella before buying a simply basic but typical gift.

  • Do Eat Korean Barbecue, Chicago
  • Favorable Chicken-Kebabs-Ribs, London: Photo by Martin Stocks
  • Nice Pharmacy, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • O.K. Paella, Toledo, Spain
  • OK Painters, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Simply Basic, Barcelona
  • Typical Gift, Toledo, Spain

Closely related to understatement, and just as dynamic, are the businesses  whose owners favor highly generalized branding. Here are those latest additions:

  • Exciting Things, Barcelona
  • News & Things, Llandudno, UK
  • Rainbows & Calico Things Quilt Shop, Williamsburg, IA
  • Smoke and Such, Dempster
  • Soup and Such, Billings, Montana

Formal titles are always appreciated, though the side-by-side Dr. And Mr. Cell in Chicago’s Little India neighborhood do make you wonder about the back story. Sibling rivalry? Perhaps Ma & Pa unwound their partnership?

  • Dr. Cell, Chicago
  • Mr. Cell, Chicago
  • Mister Gift, Barcelona
  • Mr. Lightbulb, Toledo, Ohio
  • Mister Olimpic, Barcelona

Then of course there are the names that appeal to baser instincts, or at least senses of humor.

  • Kum & Go, Humboldt, Iowa

There also are some new pictures for old favorites:


See these and all the other great store names.

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