Put the X back in Xmas

Whatever the War on Christmas poseurs may say, Christ is all over the place in the holiday season. But how many blow-up Xes do you see on front lawns? How often do store clerks says “Merry Xmas”? And why don’t we call it Xgiving, too? It would make for a more efficient season and add more variety at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Put the X back in Xmas

  1. Betsy Nichols says:

    xcellent observation!

  2. anne says:

    I agree with the xgiving thing…I have been using that for awhile. What about Xster?

  3. Eric Abraham says:

    “Xmas” is not just a modern abreviation of Christmas, the “X” being an ancient symbol for Christ dating back to the early days of Christianity as does the fish symbol. The “X” representing the Cross Christ died on. So “Xmas” is a legitimate word signifying “Christ-mas”. “Xster” could be legitimate in this context, but “Xgiving” would not as it has nothing directly to do with Christ.

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