Yet More Weird Business Names

A new round of names added to the Grog N Groc Hall of Fame:

  • What the Pho Bellevue, Washington (John Carlton)
  • Ave’s Taxidermy and Cheese, River Falls, Wisconsin (Sheryl Kostich)
  • A-Furniture Store, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
  • Litteral Photography, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
  • Bearable Dentistry, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
  • Bender Chiropractic, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
  • The Lie-N Den Bar, Bakersfield, California (Gwen Barnes)
  • Judy’s Lounge & Liquor, Stone Park, Illinois (Larry Ostgaard: “My friend John & his girlfriend, Judy and I would drive by and invariably John would ask if we wanted to go to Judy’s lounge and lick her.”)
  • Pastry Dynamics, Hartford, Connecticut (Juliana Francis & David Patrick Kelly)
  • Doom and Son Funeral Home, New Carisle, Ohio (Mike Friedline)
  • Hock It To Me Pawn Shop, Albuquerque (Anne Weitze)
  • Thomas’ Formal Wear and Flags, Dormont, Pennsylvania (Robyn Smigel)
  • Hoosier Buddy liquors, Bloomington, Indiana (Christine Fahlen)
  • Fucifino Cafe, St. Louis, Missouri (Mark Herich)
  • Big Dick’s Halfway Inn, Gravois Mills, Missouri (T.P. Shearer)
  • The Stumble Inn bar and grille, Moon Township, Pennsylvania (Denise McGinley)
  • Stuff for sale

    I’m starting to raid my accumulation of vintage junk for sale on ebay. First up are three Tomy Robo Strux wind-up robots. If all goes well, I’ll follow up with old monster magazines, comic books and more toys. If all goes really well, I’ll dip into the dozens of pulp novels I acquired years ago in Owensboro, Kentucky. The big question is whether I’ll find it worthwhile to handle the packing and shipping. In any case, you can check out my ebay seller page.

    New Weird Store Names

    Just added some great names to the Grog N Groc Hall of Fame:

  • Hotel Mr. Bed City, Paris (me)
  • Wok N Go – “It’s only Wok N Go, but I like it,” Lexington, Ky (Karl Lawrence)
  • The Best Way Inn Motel, Carbondale, Ilinois (rl Lawrence)
  • Holy Sheet! Housewares, Paramatta, NSW, Australia (Aaron T. Slater)
  • King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow, Scotland ) K.L. Cox
  • Thai Me Up, San Francisco (Sandra Madrid)
  • Crafty Beaver hardware store, Chicago (Sandra Madrid)
  • Richard Heads bar, Houston (Sandra Madrid)
  • Fluke Transport & Warehousing, Hamilton, Ontario, “If it arrives on time, it’s a Fluke” (Susan Galbraith)
  • A Theory of Corporate Incompetence

    Even the most brilliant, historically proven governing strategies can come to grief. The Russian czars relied on a track record of dimness, bureaucratic idiocy and stubbornness to create mass fatalism. But that cocoon was breached by the disasters of the Great War. Russians who had put up with their rulers’ incompetence for decades had finally had enough.
    G.W. Bush
    Now we see our own triumphant incompetent, George W. Bush, continuing to reel from Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes even the most cynical public actually expects performance from its highest leaders. It may be premature to expect actual heads to roll, but it does seem like public tolerance for things like cronyism and inexcusable warmaking is, for the moment, greatly diminished.

    For more on the strategic use of incompetence in the business, political and spiritual realms, see my article Compound Ineptitude, a theory of corporate incompetence. (Staying stupid means never having to say no.)