Chicago Lakeshore Stone Carvings: Highlight Gallery

Here are some of the coolest stone carvings and paintings from Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline.

The final date in each caption reflects the year the photograph was taken. All stone and concrete paintings photographed in 2016 and 2017 were still extant as of mid-2017. Pieces south of Montrose Harbor photographed before that time are gone except those specifically noted as still existing. Pieces located between Belmont and Diversey Harbors and photographed prior to 2015 are gone, unless otherwise noted. Pieces from Montrose Harbor up to Bryn Mawr are all extant, other than paintings and drawings that may have weathered away. Pieces without a specified location are assumed to be lost.

Anonymous Masterpieces: The Chicago Lakeshore Art Story

Coming Soon:

The Lakefront Art Galleries

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