Crazy Store Names: That’s Mister Store to You

The roadside is littered with ordinary places bearing odd names, sometimes very odd. Here some of the best head scratchers, many contributed by public-spirited readers of Interesting Ideas. You too can nominate a name for the Grog & Groc Hall of Fame.





Mr. Gyros Mrs. Pizza, Division at Clark, Chicago    That's Mister Kitsch to you. Jerusalem, Israel    Mr. Pollo, Belmont Avenue near Kedzie, Chicago    Mr. Porch and Mr. Brick, Clark Street at Ridge, Chicago
Mr. Salon, Lincoln Avenue near Berenice, Chicago    Mr. Sandwich, York, UK    That's Mister Sandwich to you. Tourist food on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, Venice    MrTaco
MzDymples    Sir Grout, ChicagoYesSirPizza

Dr. Pizza
Home of Mr. Neat
Mr Rib and Beef Pizza
Mr. Beef
Mr. Check Casher
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Closeout
Mr. Gas Food Mart
Mr. Greek Gyros
Mr. Gyros Mrs. Pizza
Mr. Hair (It won’t fall off)
Lord Kitsch
Mr. Pizza King
Mr. Pollo
Mr. Porch and Mr. Brick
Mr. Pup: A Meal in a Bun
Mr. Salon
Mr. Sandwich
Mister Sandwich
Mr. Taco
Mr. Wahoo’s Eatery
Mz. Dymples
Sir Grout
Sir Spa
Yes Sir Pizza

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