Crazy Store Names: Odd Combinations

The roadside is littered with ordinary places bearing odd names, sometimes very odd. Here some of the best head scratchers, many contributed by public-spirited readers of Interesting Ideas. You too can nominate weird store names for the Grog & Groc Hall of Fame.


Come & Be Blessed Cuts Barber Shop, Columbia Avenue, Hammond, Indiana  Gross






The Slug and Lettuce, UK

Ugly Hookah Cafe, Bryn Mawr Avenue near Kimball, Chicago

Alkie’s Liquor Store
Ave’s Taxidermy
 and Cheese
B & M
 Waste Management
Bad Design
Beepers and
 Human Hair
Come & Be Blessed Cuts
 Barber Shop
Crawford Coal
 and Mattress Works
Crooks Warehouses
Dave’s Drink and Drive
Dead People’s Things
Decker’s Cleaners
 & Gun Shop
Dehart’s Bible
 and Tire Center
Donuts and Gyros
Fatal Restaurant
Fluff ‘Em Buff ‘Em
 Stuff ‘Em
 repair/beauty shop)
Gross Convenient Store
Gross Gas
Hardware and Pain
Harry Little Pizza
Hiram’s Guns & Spirits
House of Beef/House
 of Tikes
Liquor, Guns and Ammo
The Lord Jesus Christ
 If I be Lifted Up Chair
 Caning and
 Variety Store
Lucky Pork Store
Mercury Fish N Chips
Mexican Blockheads
Mohammed’s Imports
 and Respect for
 Life Fish House
Moo and Oinks
Noel’s Pee Pee Gas
Not Just Futons
 and Barstools
Our Heavenly Father’s,
 Jesus’ and Our
 Bake Shop
Park-Que Apartments
 (across from
 Maurice BBQ)
Pass Gas
Prison View Party Store
Puppies & Reptiles
Rocks and Rugs
The Slug and Lettuce
Soda and Pet Food City
Sweet Septic Systems
Thomas’ Formal Wear
 and Flags
Tooth and Nail
Ugly Hookah Cafe
We Sell Fried Catfish
 and Fix Flats
Yankee Doodle
 Italian Food

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