Crazy Store Names: L-N

The roadside is littered with ordinary places bearing odd names, sometimes very odd. Here some of the best head scratchers, many contributed by public-spirited readers of Interesting Ideas. You too can nominate weird store names for the Grog & Groc Hall of Fame.



Mac's Grog 'n' Groc, Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, California. My original funny store name

Mahboob, Devon Avenue, Chicago


Moo & Oink, Stony Island Avenue at 72nd Street, Chicago. Now gone


Mike Schrank's Smoke 'N Gun, Waukegon, Illinois. Layers of meaning here





New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe Restaurant, Chinatown, New York. Why not add a few more random words into the name?

Not Just Thee Fish Bowl, Evanston, Illinois

Last Resort RV Park
Let’s Pet Puppies
Life-The Ultimate
  Dry Cleaning
Liquor Box
Liquor Lotto Pizza
  Video Check Cashing
Litteral Photography
Little Jake’s Eat It
  And Beat It
Lot O’ Fun
Lovely Jewelers
Lowe Quality Paints
Lube Lizard
Lunar Landscaping
Mac’s Grog & Groc
MarJean Village
Mar-Phil-Ous restaurant
May Pop Tire Shop
Mel’s House
  of Raymond bar
Mellow Mushroom Pizza
Menlove Dodge
Miche Purse-N-Ality
Mike Schrank’s Smoke ‘N Gun
Miskas Har-Hig Liquors
Mo Better Meatty
  Meat Burgers
Mo Rugs Plus
The Money Shot
Moo & Oink
Mow Town Lawn Care
  Indian Restaurant
National Liquor Bar
Neen Savage
  (and nearby
  Neen Sollers)
New Woey Loy Goey
New Yeah Shanghai
  Deluxe Restaurant
Nirvana Family
No Pork Restaurant
Norm’s Altruistic Lounge
Not Just Thee Fish Bowl
The Nut Bush

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