Wall Art: Generations of Jessica’s

Three generations of great roadside art signage on the wall at Jessica’s Western Wear, Clark near Lunt, Chicago. The art continues to deteriorate, and the store is now called Jessica’s Fashion, but there is still some cowboy gear in the window. What I really want to know, however, is where the Jetsons came in.

Kedzie Avenue Gems

Kedzie Avenue is one of my favorite Chicago streets. It runs the length of the city and far south to 206th Street in Olympia Fields. It’s got a great name, for an early real estate developer. And of course there is a lot of fine signage along the way.

Review: Louis Wain’s Cats

Louis Wain would have been important if he had only been the greatest master ever of cute and anthropomorphic felinity, which, around the turn of the 20th Century, he was. His images of kitties were cranked out and reproduced in vast numbers, creating an inexhaustible reservoir of catty charm. Wain would have been important if […]