Review: American Ruins

American Ruins by Camilo José Vergara My rating: 5 of 5 stars Ruin porn with redeeming social value. Vergara doesn’t just exploit decayed and collapsing buildings for their sad beauty. He gets to know them, and sometimes their denizens and neighbors, complementing his lovely photos with engaging, and often depressing, stories. View all my reviews


Best thought from today’s keynote: Customer connectivity demands responsive companies. Companies that don’t connect back to their customers as actively as customers themselves are connecting will systematically miss opportunities and disappoint.

The Snake in Google’s Garden

Big fails

Could Google follow the sad history of other once-leading companies? It doesn’t take going out on a limb to believe that Google’s appearance of impregnability is only an appearance. Dominant companies can and do lose their position despite superior products, clear market leadership, vast resources and brilliant employees. Harvard Business School Prof. Clayton Christensen has […]